Teen Mom Chelsea and Cole DeBoer Talk Possible Reality TV Spinoff

Cole DeBoer

Instagram "Teen Mom 2" might not be the only show viewers get to see Chelsea and Cole DeBoer appear on.

Teen Mom 2 might not be the only show viewers get to see Chelsea and Cole DeBoer appear on. The couple has been working on building their dream home in South Dakota and has been sharing the process on their Instagram page, Down Home DeBoers.

The account has garnered nearly 500,000 followers, with the couple saying they were inspired by their love of HGTV. If they were offered their own spinoff show on the home improvement network, Chelsea and Cole both said they’d be elated.

When asked if they would be interested in doing a spinoff, Cole enthusiastically told Heavy, “Oh, God, Yeah. 100%. That’s our jam right there.”

“I feel like we have really found that we just love this process so much,” Chelsea added. “We’re already looking around and thinking about flipping houses… I just feel like we don’t feel like we’re done after we build this house.”

Cole added, “we don’t want to quit” and Chelsea said, “I want to keep going because it’s just been really fun for us.”

Chelsea Loves That Fans Adore Her Relationship With Cole

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HIIII! Holy crap. We are so excited for this journey. We don’t know much about building a house, BUT I have been preparing for this for years if you count pinteresting and allllll the farmhouse Instagram pages I follow 😂 . . We did a poll on our stories the other day to find out what you guys are interested most in seeing on this page and we were glad to see that we all have the same idea! Starting with how we first started the home building process to begin with, so I’m gonna hop on our stories soon to tell you how we got started with ours! But for now, comment below with your favorite farmhouse Instagram account or hashtag that we need to be following! 📸 @bayaraephotography

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One of the things fans of Teen Mom 2 is seeing Cole and Chelsea interact as a couple. Their marriage comes off as authentic to viewers and has led them to become a fan favorite in the series. Chelsea and Cole “love” the adoration from the Teen Mom viewers, especially those who consider them “couple goals.”

“I love it because this is just how we are,” she said about their lives being portrayed on TV. “It’s nice.”

Cole is used to hard work. When asked about his life before Teen Mom, he talked about coming from a humble beginning. “You know, I was pretty quiet and shy my entire life, and I feel like it’s still am,” he said. “It took a lot for me to even start the show, to be honest, I was pretty simple, man. Pretty quiet. I worked a lot. I grew up working hard. My parents worked hard. I was pretty basic.” Chelsea noted that her husband is “simple”–not basic.

Chelsea Thinks People Can Relate To her Because Other People Went Through Crappy Relationships

Chelsea then referenced her relationship with Adam Lind, the father of her 11-year-old daughter, Aubree. At the beginning of the series, Chelsea was heartbroken Adam didn’t want to be with her. But as time went on, and father Randy Houska offered her life advice, Chelsea went on to find Cole and start her own family. The couple now has three children together–including Aubree–and is expecting their fourth baby.

“People did see me go through something so hard,” she said. “I understand why people look at us and think that way because who didn’t go through a crappy relationship when they were younger? I feel like most people did and to be able to look at someone who went through that and then ended up with a great as a partner like Cole… I totally get it.”

“And we want to be that positive [couple],” Chelsea continued. “I want to give people hope out there. It’s gonna get better. And you’re gonna feel better.”

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