Fans Compare Teen Mom Star to Jersey Shore Favorite Pauly D

Pauly D

MTV Some fans on Reddit noticed a similarity between a "Teen Mom" personality and "Jersey Shore" favorite Pauly D.

Some fans on Reddit noticed a similarity between a Teen Mom personality and Jersey Shore favorite DJ Pauly DelVecchio. The GTL star is renowned for his famous head of hair, and Teen Mom OG star Tyler Baltierra was accused of copying the DJ’s famous locks.

A Reddit user asked the users in the Teen Mom subreddit “Who wore it best?” and shared a picture of Pauly D and Tyler. The image showed the guys rocking a similar blowout and gelled hairstyle, which was first made famous on Jersey Shore. Most agreed that Pauly D looked better with the hairstyle, saying it was his signature look.

“Looks like that’s mostly Tyler’s head and not actually his hair,” one person said. “On a related note, I’ve seen photos of Pauly without his standard blow out and he looks like a completely different person.”

In a side conversation, some people discussed how Pauly D might have created a caricature of himself so he wouldn’t be recognized in public unless he wanted to be.

“Created a persona that he can easily remove and not be recognized easily, has catchphrases to turn into merch, highly limits the amount of personal information shared, doesn’t get involved in opinion-based topics,” one person wrote. “[I don’t know] if he hired a PR rep from day one or us just super-intelligent.”

Most People Slammed Tyler For The Look

Once it was evident that most people liked how Pauly D looked with the hairstyle, others took the opportunity to bash Tyler.

“Tyler looks so much like a thumb with hair,” a Reddit user claimed. “Obviously DJ Pauly D wears it best. Everything about Tyler looks cheap. From his hair to his tattoos, to his earrings, I think that he tries to look cool… and miserably fails every time.”

“Catelynn caught a grenade,” another added, talking about Tyler’s wife.

The term “grenade” refers to a person who appears attractive while under the influence of alcohol, but might not look the same once the intoxication wears off. The word is just one of the terms that the Jersey Shore crew helped become famous when they started the series.

Wife Catelynn Recently Slammed Divorce Rumors

One popular rumor on the internet is that Catelynn and Tyler are divorcing, but the Teen Mom OG star recently spoke to In Touch Weekly, where she dispelled the accusations.

She and Tyler have been together since they were teenagers and welcomed three daughters together. They famously placed their oldest daughter Carly for adoption on 16 and Pregnant because there were afraid they couldn’t provide her with the life she deserved.

“I’m not a hundred percent sure [why split rumors keep swirling],” Catelynn told the publication. “I don’t know if it’s because people really just can’t believe that we are actually this happy together or that relationships like this exist.”

To find out what happens next, don’t miss Teen Mom OG when it airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern time on MTV.

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