Andrew Spencer Just Spoiled Katie Thurston’s ‘Bachelorette’ Finale

ABC Greg Grippo and Andrew Spencer.

Andrew Spencer seems to have spoiled the finale of Katie Thurston‘s season of “The Bachelorette” — albeit unintentionally.

Warning: “Bachelorette” spoilers below.

In a recent interview with Us Weekly, Spencer — who was eliminated by Thurston the week before Hometown Dates — revealed who he’d like to see as the next star of “The Bachelor.” In his response, he named someone who is still on the show; Greg Grippo.

Spencer wasn’t the only former Thurston suitor that suggested Grippo for “Bachelor,” either.

Here’s what you need to know:

Spencer Revealed He’d Like to See Grippo Hand out Roses

Spencer appears to have given away a major finale spoiler.

“[Michael Allio and Greg Grippo are] both really great guys. Michael A., I mean, if he didn’t make you cry, something’s wrong with your tear ducts. He’s just such a genuine guy. One of the things that he said that I love most is that he knows how to love, and he’s been through a marriage. He’s been through death. He’s been through children, childbirth, like, that’s a guy who really understands and gets it. And Greg — first of all, it’s been the Gregerlorette so far. [We’ve] been watching him and just watching his, you know, his story. He looks like Ryan Gosling. He’s a freaking gorgeous man with a great personality. He’s my best friend. Both of those guys have my vote,” Spencer shared.

Of course, Grippo can’t become the next “Bachelor” if he’s engaged to Thurston at the end of the current season, so it sounds like Spencer just let everyone know that Grippo isn’t the guy that Thurston chooses on the finale.

This confirms Reality Steve’s report that Thurston ends up getting engaged to Blake Moynes. Although there are still three guys left, most fans have come to the consensus that it’s going to come down to Moynes and Grippo. While Thurston does seem to have good chemistry with Justin Glaze, he hasn’t really been a frontrunner and their connection just isn’t as strong as the other relationships that have formed.

Tre Cooper Also Spoiled the Finale Revealing That He’d Like to See Grippo as the Next ‘Bachelor’

In the same interview with Us Weekly, another one of Thurston’s suitors shared that he would like to see Grippo find love.  Tre Cooper agreed with Spencer when it comes to the next guy to take the helm, and told Us Weekly that his top picks would be Michael Allio or Greg Grippo.

“Obviously, there’s tons of great guys on our season, but I think that, for me, I want Michael to find someone. And so I think that being the Bachelor would give him a chance to meet a bunch of quality women and have a really good time to, like, explore a lot in ways that he might not have been able to explore living at home. It’s hard in the dating world right now,” he said.

“Greg is just one of those guys that you can’t have a bad thing to say about him. I love him deeply and I want him to find his person. And so I think that he will be great for the show,” he added.

The line about wanting Grippo to “find his person” pretty much seals the ending of Thurston’s season.

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