Chris Harrison Just Deleted His Instagram Posts & Made Another Huge Change

Getty Images Chris Harrison scrubbed his Instagram.

Chris Harrison‘s Instagram account has undergone some huge changes. The former “Bachelor” franchise host has completely scrubbed his account, removing all of the photos and videos that he had, and leaving no traces of his past life behind.

Harrison, who bid farewell to “Bachelor” Nation officially in June 2021, has also changed his profile photo and his Instagram bio.

“Tv Host/Producer and will always love love…and great wine,” Harrison’s new bio reads. His profile photo is one of him in a suit, holding a glass of champagne.

It’s unclear why Harrison has decided to make such drastic changes to his account, but it could be because he has a big announcement of some kind coming soon. There have been tons of rumors that he’s joining another network to host another show. He also could have some other kind of big announcement coming soon.

“He’s for sure going to make a comeback in the near future and will announce his return to TV once everything is set in stone. He’s not ready to retire just yet,” a source told Us Weekly back in August.

Here’s what you need to know:

Harrison’s Website Has Not Changed

Chris Harrison

Getty ImagesChris Harrison made some big social media changes.

While just about every trace of the “Bachelor” franchise has been removed from Harrison’s Instagram account, his website still lists him as the host of the shows, and still features plenty of photos with cast members, including Hannah Brown and Lauren Luyendyk.

“Chris Harrison is the host of ABC’s hit romance/reality franchise ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘The Bachelorette.’ He has also hosted all of the iconic’ series spinoffs, including ‘Bachelor Pad’ and the long-running summer hit ‘Bachelor in Paradise,’ and its reunion specials and live finales,” the About section on his site still reads.

As of this writing, Harrison’s website doesn’t have any clues about his future in the business — but it’s possible that he’s sending a message with his new Instagram bio. While he no longer makes direct mention of the dating show that he was a part of for the past several years, he does write that he will “always love love,” which could be a hint about what’s to come.

Harrison Could Be Hosting a New Dating Show

Chris Harrison

GettyChris Harrison attends Chris Harrison’s Seagram’s Tropical Rosè launch party.

While Harrison hasn’t revealed what his future plans are, there have been rumors that he’s inked a deal with FOX for a new dating show on the network — one that would potentially rival “The Bachelor.”

As for the hold up, it seems as though Harrison could have some sort of non-compete clause in his contract — but he may be free to work on a similar show in 2022.

“He’s taking a year off, but as soon as his non-compete expires, he’ll be back on another channel,” a source told OK! magazine.

“He’s telling people with a straight face that he’s the best at the job by a million miles. He figures revenge will be sweet when he can ram his post-‘Bachelor’ success down everyone’s throats,” the source added.

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