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Demi Burnett

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During last week’s premiere of The Bachelor season 25, contestants Alana Milne and Anna Redman showed up to meet Matt James wearing the same red gown. While the moment caused some second-hand embarrassment for viewers watching at home, Bachelor Nation alum Demi Burnett was not fooled by the matching dresses side-plot.

As a guest on Us Weekly’s podcast “Here For the Right Reasons,” Burnett commented on the fact that two of Matt James’s contestants showed up in the same red dress on night one of the reality dating show. Burnett said that the “drama” was likely not a mere coincidence, citing a similar occurrence on her own season as a Bachelor contestant.

Demi Burnett Reacts To Bachelor Contestants Wearing the Same DressA harmless mistake or a planned drama? On the season 25 premiere of The Bachelor, two contestants showed up to meet Matt James wearing the same Revolve dress. As it turns out, though, this isn’t the first time it’s happened. Subscribe for more Us Weekly videos! – Follow Us Weekly on Facebook:…2021-01-08T19:00:05Z

She told Us, “On my season, Heather [Martin] and this girl Laura, they had the same dress on.” Continuing, Burnett explained, “The producers tell you which of the dresses they think you should wear. So they probably wanted to stir something up.”

While Burnett suggests that the producers intended to incite conflict between the two contestants by putting them in the same dress to make their first impressions with James, the “twinning” moment was never an issue during the premiere. Burnett said that the matching dresses were not an issue for her season, either, revealing, “Heather and the girl Laura looked at each other and they’re, like, ‘Oh my gosh, we’re wearing the same dress, that’s awesome!’ They’re like, ‘You look amazing in it.’ So, it wasn’t a big deal and I feel like that’s what happened this time too.”

‘Bachelor’ Contestants Are Responsible for Supplying Their Own Wardrobes for Filming

Although the producers likely convinced both Anna and Alana to wear the same red Revolve dress for the premiere night, the two did buy and pack that same dress on their own. All Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants are required to buy and bring their wardrobes for filming season, including their cocktail party and rose ceremony ensembles.

Burnett commented on this prerequisite, and the economic strain it can put on contestants. She told Us, “Oh, it was a nightmare for me. Well, I was poor before, I didn’t have any money. So I spent my last paycheck and I just bought a bunch of dresses on sale at Dillard’s. That’s where I got all my rose ceremony dresses and cocktail dresses and swimsuits and stuff like that.”

Burnett also said that there’s added pressure to make sure that your night 1 ensemble really has an impact, especially since that first cocktail party and limo entrance is all about making a great first impression. When it came to choosing her limo entrance dress, Burnett said, “For my night one dress, I was talking to my parents and I was like, ‘I really need a good dress for this. This is like a huge moment.’ They were like, ‘OK, we’ll buy your night one dress.’”

Both Alana & Anna Received Roses From Matt James at the End of Night 1

Even though they were caught in the same red dress on night 1, both Alana and Anna ended up receiving roses from Matt James, advancing them to the next episode of the reality dating show. Unsurprisingly, the producers stood Alana and Anna next to one another while they were awaiting James’s results, and the two had a briefly awkward exchange when James called Alana’s name and Anna questioned if he had actually called her forward.

At the end of the premiere, the contestants James chose to send home were Alicia, Amber, Carolyn, Casandra, Corrinne, Emani, Kimberly, and Saneh.

New episodes of The Bachelor season 25, starring Matt James, air on Monday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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