Divorced ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Icon ‘Really, Really, Really’ Wants to Be With Someone

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It’s been almost two years since the so-called “penis doctor,” Evan Bass, got divorced from former cruise-ship singer Carly Waddell. The two met, got engaged and married on “Bachelor in Paradise,” in seasons four and five. Their marriage lasted from 2017 to 2020, and they had two children in the process.  Bass already had three sons coming into the marriage, so they quickly became a family of seven, as is chronicled by E!News.

Bass Speaks Out About the Divorce and More

Bass has been pretty tight-lipped about the divorce, concentrating on healing himself through therapy and spending time with his kids.  However, on June 23, 2022 he decided to open up about his struggles on the Talking It Out podcast, hosted by bachelor alums, Mike Johnson and Dr. Bryan Abasolo.

During the podcast, Bass blames the divorce on several factors, including having met in the “bubble” of BIP, and not having the proper foundation to build a strong relationship. He had originally been on the 12th season of “The Bachelorette,” starring JoJo Fletcher, which he describes as “awful.”

“I was miserable the whole time. I felt like an idiot,” Bass tells the podcast hosts. However, it was his unpleasant experience on “The Bachelorette” that caused him to go on to BIP with the attitude, “I’m just going to go on there and do whatever the heck I want.”  Bass explains, “I think when I was successful on paradise was because I went in there not giving a damn. I was like I don’t care.”

The podcasters and their special guest proceed to reminisce on key events from season four of BIP, including Bass being taken away in an ambulance for an illness that may or may not have been fabricated to win Waddell’s heart.  Although Bass is not willing to admit on the podcast just how much of his illness was a ruse, he does acknowledge that the “adventure” was successful at helping his now ex-wife see him in a different light.

Bass admits that the divorce was really hard, and that he is embarrassed to have been divorced twice.  The 39-year-old understands that he needs to learn more about himself and relationships before ever getting seriously involved again.

At the same time, he admits, “It’s hard because I want to be with someone. Like I really, really, really do…I gotta figure it out. I’m not going to sit here and be like I’ll put a magic number out there, like ‘I’ll wait til I’m 45.’ I’m committed to [finding love] but I’m also committed to the healing and learning process.”

Is There Love in Bass’ Future?

Regarding just how far Bass is willing to go to find love again, he seems a little wishy washy. At one point during the interview, Abasolo asks Bass if he thinks he needs to work on building a stronger foundation in the future and get to know someone on a deeper level before getting married again. Bass responds, “I think I need to maybe realize that I don’t know what that means, and so I need to figure that out.”

Johnson pursues this line of questioning, stating that he understands Bass doesn’t want to put a time limit on falling in love, but asks, “if someone came along do you feel like you would stop yourself?” Bass hesitates and says “I think I would slow it down” then pauses again and utters, “I don’t know – I thinks so…I say yes now, but of course not, the answer is ‘no’”

Bass is equally ambivalent when asked if he would consider returning to BIP. At first, he is adamant about not returning, saying he had already gotten engaged on BIP, gotten married on BIP and even had a gender reveal on the show. He also asserts that the women are probably too young for him and all want to be influencers. Then, he suddenly does a 180 and says, “Yeah, of course I would do it. I’m full of s***,” as they all laugh.

The hosts try to encourage Bass to go back on BIP, or at least have a bigger presence on social media, because “the fans love it.” Johnson submits, “there’s no better feeling than live-tweeting the Bachelor.” Bass chuckles and says “Yeah, um…You’ve got to age out of tweeting live the bachelor…I mean there’s gotta be…”  Johnson cuts him off and jokes, “Bryan is 73 years old. What are you talking about?” Again, they all lol.

He Is “Not a Penis Doctor!”

As was inevitable, the conversation eventually turns to Bass’ profession.  When he was on “The Bachelorette,” his occupation was listed as an “erectile dysfunction specialist,” and he was often referred to by Bachelor Nation as a “penis doctor.”  When asked about this, Bass emphatically exclaims, “I’m not a penis doctor!”

The father of five claims that he kept saying that he was not a doctor on “The Bachelorette,” but the producers kept editing it out. Bass explains that his official title is urology “practice administrator who helps guys with low T.”  Johnson questions why there is so much low testosterone today, to which Bass replies that alcohol, weed, porn and fat are all “testosterone killers.”

“It’s crazy how over the past…15 years…I’ve seen this dramatic drop-off in male testosterone at younger and younger ages, Bass notes. “Now we’ve got guys coming in, in their late 20s and thirties, and their testosterone is just like, in the toilet.”

While he may be an expert in testosterone, Bass is still very much unsure about his love life. He admits that he has “dabbled” in dating apps but worries about the fact that he has five kids. “That’s a lot to ask anyone to come into. That’s a lot of baggage,” he muses, before explaining that his children are amazing and that he would only want a woman who would see them as a blessing and not a “drain.”

The interview closes with the hosts asking Bass if he has any advice for the participants in the upcoming season of “Bachelor in Paradise,” which is scheduled to air September 27, 2022 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. After chuckling at the idea that anyone would want advice from him, he ends up saying that people should just be themselves and not worry so much about how they are being portrayed on TV, because that is what worked for him.

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