Engaged ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Couple, Hannah & Dylan, Discuss Bizarre Wedding Plans

Dylan Barbour, Hannah Godwin

Getty Happily engaged Dylan Barbour & Hannah Godwin.

When season six of “Bachelor in Paradise” ended, three couples left the beach engaged: Demi Burnett and Kristian Haggerty, Chris Bukowski and Katie Morton, and Dylan Barbour and Hannah Godwin. Of the three, Barbour and Godwin are the only ones who are still together.

WATCH the Proposal

Hannah and Dylan Get Engaged – Bachelor in ParadiseHannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour are engaged! See the emotional moment in Paradise in this clip from Week 7: The Season Finale of Bachelor in Paradise 2019. Watch the Bachelor in Paradise finale on ABC, streaming and on demand.2019-09-18T05:00:02Z

It’s been three years since Barbour popped the question to Godwin on national TV in 2019. “You’ve shown me a love I never thought existed,” he told her before getting down on one knee and proposing. Even though they had only known each other a few weeks, Godwin happily said “yes.”

Barbour was originally on Hannah Brown’s season of “The Bachelorette,” and Godwin was on Colton Underwood’s season of “The Bachelor.” Although neither found true love with their respective leads, they immediately hit it off on the beaches of Paradise.

Although the couple is taking their time walking down the aisle, they are still very much together and working on wedding plans at their own pace.

What’s The Hold Up?

In an exclusive interview with Distractify, Godwin explained, “We go back and forth about whether we want a destination wedding or keep it stateside. Dylan and I are lucky enough to have visited so many amazing places in the world this summer … and every beautiful place we visit I keep thinking, ‘This would be an amazing place to get married.”

The pair is currently planning a trip to Greece, and they are considering that as a possible venue as well. They have also not ruled out tying the knot in San Diego, where they are currently residing, Distractify reports.

Despite all of the back and forth about venues, Godwin feels lucky that “We are both very involved in the wedding planning, which is great because one of us isn’t handling it all alone. Dylan is creative, which is one of the things I love about him, but we sometimes get stuck in the ‘brainstorming’ phase. We need to set a date, ideally in the next year,’” the social media influencer informed the outlet.

A Carnival Themed Wedding?

Godwin is not exaggerating about her fiancé being creative. Barbour surmised, “I think the hardest thing about wedding planning is nailing down the aesthetic.”  The 28-year-old has some unique ideas about what that aesthetic should be.

“We are on the same page with the important things” Barbour clarified. “But I have a few silly ideas that Hannah just laughs at. For example, I’ve entertained the idea of a carnival themed black-tie wedding, with upscale carnival games and prizes.”

Godwin does not seem particularly keen on the idea, but she hasn’t completely shut it down either. “We will see about that,” she remarked. Godwin continued, “Like Dylan said, I am not completely sold on the black-tie aspect of the wedding and carnival games even less so!”

The idea of a carnival themed wedding is not actually as ‘out there’ as it may seem. According to a 2018 article in Wedding Bazaar.com, “carnival themes are the next big trend in weddings.”  The Inspired Bride agrees, asking, “What’s more fun than a carnival? Why not incorporate that innocent, joyous fun into your wedding day?” The outlet suggests including a red and white tent and concession stand with caramel apples and popcorn, because “What’s more carnival-like” than that?”

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