Fans Plead for Newly Single Comedian to Be the Next ‘Bachelor’

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It’s no secret that many fans of “The Bachelor” franchise have not been happy with the way things have been going. Since the next leading role on “The Bachelor” series is still up for grabs, fans have been making their voices heard about who they think should be the next Bachelor.  Suggestions have ranged from Speedo-sporting John Paul Jones, most known for his stint in “Bachelor in Paradise,” to fan favorite Tyler Cameron, who has been asked but refuses.

In fact, the runner-up from Hannah Brown’s season said on an August 13, 2021, “BroBible” podcast, “I made the joke before going on the show with my buddies that I’m going to get second and become the Bachelor. It happened. I got second and I got offered it, but I was like, ‘Nah, this isn’t my world.’” So, the search continues.

Why Viewers Want Kim Kardashian’s Ex, Pete Davidson, to Be the Next ‘Bachelor’

A Reddit thread started on August 6 posed the idea that ABC look outside the “Bachelor” franchise and cast recently single A-list celebrity Pete Davidson in the Bachelor role. Fan reactions were mostly ecstatic.

“Would 1000% watch” one commenter posted. Another wrote, “Omg!! He would be hilarious and so much fun!!! Imagine the drama trying to get his attention.”

“Would love to see what all the hype is about haha. Ariana, Kim K, man gets around haha” one poster wrote, referring to his previous romantic relationships with Ariana Grande and Kim Kardashian. Another poster pointed out that the “Saturday Night Live” alum also dated Kate Beckinsale, who is “the ultimate catch.”

One commenter would love “to be a fly on the wall for those fantasy suites,” while another remarked, “I need this s***post to become a reality.”

One poster joked, “They could get Kanye to host the inevitable roast date.” It’s unlikely that that will happen, considering that Davidson’s breakup with the rapper’s ex-wife is still fresh and the bad blood between Kanye and Davidson seems to be intensifying.

Kanye’s Threats Have Gotten to Davidson

According to Us Weekly, Davidson “is undergoing trauma therapy after Kanye West’s threatening social media posts.”  The outlet reported on August 9, “The Saturday Night Live alum, 28, has decided to seek treatment in large part due to violent posts shared by the Yeezy designer, 45, over the course of his relationship with Kardashian, 41.”

Us Weekly reported August 8 that three days after the amicable breakup between Davidson and Kardashian, West posted a mock New York Times newspaper pic on Instagram with the headline, “Skete Davidson Dead at Age 28.”  This is just one of many threats West has made toward Davidson since he started dating Kardashian.

A Strong Case for Davidson

It is unclear whether or not Davidson would be willing to be the next Bachelor. However, Screen Rant’s Maggie Mead wrote on August 7, “After the end of his most recent high-profile relationship, Pete Davidson could be a riveting lead of ‘The Bachelor,’ if ABC wishes to continue its recent trend of non-traditional seasons.”

Mead continued, “There’s a lot that Pete brings to the table if he were to be named the lead. Pete is undeniably charismatic and funny in a relatable self-deprecating way. He also gives off a laid back vibe, and he has scores of fans who find him extremely attractive. But there are also reports that despite his fame Pete remains genuine and grounded.”

According to Mead, “These qualities would make Pete both entertaining and likable as the Bachelor, which is exactly what viewers are looking for in a lead. Pete is said to be very relationship-minded, so it seems he could be ready to settle down with the right partner. There would no doubt be tons of women who would jump at the chance to date Pete, and after his turbulent history dating A-listers, Pete might be eager to date someone more down-to-earth.”

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