What was Hannah Brown’s First Impression of Tyler Cameron?

ABC Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown

Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron recently reunited on YouTube, filming a mukbang delving into their first impressions of each other. The former reality show couple, who met on season 15 of The Bachelorette, continue to make headlines as fans hope for romance.

Joined by Dustin Kendrick, another contestant from Brown’s season of the dating show, they ate Chick-fil-A as a fire played on the television behind them. When Kendrick asked for their first impressions of each other, Brown got to the point. She said, “I just thought he was a player,” as Cameron chimed in, “I was already two points behind.”

Despite being behind at the onset, Cameron would end the season as runner-up with Brown getting engaged to ex-fiancé Jed Wyatt. After her split from Wyatt, she seemed to show interest in restarting her romance with Cameron on the After the Final Rose special. The two have opened up about their sometimes rocky relationship, now calling the other a “friend.”

Cameron admitted that despite being “stone-cold sober” he “literally blacked out” when he got out of the limo. However, he did take notice of Brown.

“My first impression, um, I mean she was killing that golden dress,” said Cameron. But, he did add, “And then Scott had a girlfriend and I saw the real mean Hannah come out and I was like, I don’t want to piss her off.” Fans saw Brown walk Scott Anderson out on night one after being told he was already in a relationship.

Cameron Regrets Not Speaking to Brown on Night One

Cameron describes his time with Brown on The Bachelorette as a “slow burn.”

“I wish I would have started myself earlier with you, like, opened up earlier before because I feel like I was always playing from behind, even from getting out of the limo apparently,” said Cameron. “But I always felt like cause we were like the slow burn relationship that happened later.”

On night one of Brown’s season, she did not have one-on-one time with Cameron. A move he told Us Weekly’s Bachelor Confessions was his “biggest regret.”

While elaborating, Cameron revealed that night could have gotten the ball rolling sooner.

Brown and Cameron Have Worked to Become Friends

While fans of Bachelor Nation were abuzz with a possible reunion between Brown and Cameron during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, the duo was actually struggling to get along. At times, they were not even speaking with each other.

“Eighteen days in the same bed, never kissed,” declared Cameron of their time quarantined together.

Brown said they came together in trauma, visiting Cameron after his mother’s death. With various COVID-19 related lockdowns throughout the country, Brown had to stay in Florida. Cameron, Brown, new Bachelor Matt James and other friends documented the fun side of their time through social media as the Quarantine Crew.

Now, Brown said they are “trying to be cool being friends,” while filming a joint YouTube video with Cameron. He added, “I’m super stoked where we are right now. We’re able to sit here, have fun with each other.

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