Why Is Ivan Hall’s Brother Gabe In Jail?

Ivan Hall

ABC/Craig Sjodin Ivan Hall is a contestant on season 16 of 'The Bachelorette.'

During a particularly poignant moment on season 16 of The Bachelorette, Ivan Hall opened up the Black Lives Matter movement and police brutality with Tayshia Adams. During their conversation, he revealed his brother Gabe was in jail.

Hall revealed Gabe was the younger brother he always wanted to set a good example for, saying, “I never got into drugs or, like drinking anything like that at all ‘cause like I literally always envision like a younger version of my brother just being there watching me doing that stuff.”

However, when he went to college, Gabe started to get involved in those very things.

“Like he literally was not in control of himself, I could tell, and that was not like the younger brother that I knew and I was trying to set a good example for and eventually it, like, caught up with him,” the Texas native told Adams, revealing it landed his brother in jail for four years.

He revealed the hardest part of his brother going to jail was the birth of his niece, Kehlani.

“When my niece was born, for like the first two years of her life she couldn’t even touch her dad,” added the Aeronautical Engineer. “Like, it’s literally through the glass screen. Like seeing my brother have to put his hand up there to hers it was just so tough, you know?”

Hall then went on to discuss his brother’s experience with correctional officer brutality.

“My brother used to tell me stories about how these COs, correctional officers, like, literally beat him up and I felt so bad because my first question was like, ‘Well Gabe, what did you do?’ But it doesn’t matter. No matter what George Floyd did either way or what my brother did, these people have a job to do and they need to do it right. They can’t just be like hurting people for no reason.”

The two also bonded over growing up biracial. Hall is Black and Filipino and Adams is Black and Mexican.

Hall Has Featured His Niece and Brother on His Social Media

After describing his struggle watching his niece go through her father’s imprisonment, it is not shocking to see how much he adores his niece. He showcases her, Gabe and the rest of his family throughout his posts.

In one post he captions, “Kehlani Hall” he features a picture of him and his niece as well as a photo of his niece and Gabe.

In another post, Hall has a grid of photos of him with his younger brother throughout their childhood, simply captioned, “The good days with my younger brother.”

Former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay Was Impressed by Hall’s Vulnerability

While discussing the episode on Bachelor Happy Hour, co-host and former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay praised him.

“He is absolutely one of my favorites because of how he was able to express and communicate what is happening in this world, how it has affecting him personally, his faults, and how he used to think about things, and how he has grown from that,” Lindsay told co-host Becca Kufrin. “It was a beautiful conversation to be had. I like Ivan because he challenges Tayshia in a way that she has never been challenged before by any man that she’s been with, and that’s very evident.”

During the conversation, Hall revealed he has been called derogatory names in his home state of Texas, not growing up around many other Black families.

“Ivan was leading the conversation. Ivan was pushing her and guiding her and telling her that he’s been called the N-word and she was shocked by it. It was a great conversation, but it was Ivan who was leading it, it was Ivan who brought it up, it was Ivan who was pushing it, and I wanted more from Tayshia in this moment,” the former lawyer added. “And maybe we’ll get it later, I don’t know.”

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