JoJo Fletcher Gives Behind the Scenes Details About the ‘Bachelor’ Franchise

JoJo Fletcher

Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images for Garnier JoJo Fletcher at a Garnier event.

Since she first competed on The Bachelor, JoJo Fletcher has been a mainstay of the dating competition. Just last season she took the reins and filled in as host of The Bachelorette.

“Honestly, anytime that I’m on the show or we’re doing something on the show, it’s kind of like one of those last-minute phone calls,” the former Bachelorette told Heavy. Her fiance, Jordan Rodgers, chimed in, “Like, ‘Hey, in three days…’”

Opening up about her time as host, stepping in as Chris Harrison’s replacement while he dropped his son off at college, she explained, “It was a call that it kind of totally came out of the blue. And so, we’re always supportive of that show, it obviously led us to each other so we love getting to do fun things anytime they call us, but as of right now, I don’t think we have anything, any plans to do anything just yet.”

As Rodgers noted, “That could change always.”

Fletcher got engaged to Rodgers on season 12 of The Bachelorette. Last year,  they were also seen as judges on The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart.

The pair spoke with Heavy to promote their partnership with Autotrader and its curated “Best Cars of 2021” list.

“Can I just say, so the very first car we ever bought found off of Autotrader was a Ford F-150 and it’s the one and it’s the one car that my mom will never sell. She loves this car so much,” Fletcher said, revealing she took Autotrader’s new quiz that matches cars to consumers based on their zodiac signs. “I’m a Scorpio and I took the quiz and the Ford F-150 came up as my match, so I’m just saying, I don’t know if you believe in astrology or not, but this one was pretty accurate for me.”

Fletcher spoke with Heavy prior to Harrison’s controversial Extra interview and his announcement he is temporarily stepping down for at least the upcoming After the Final Rose special.

Fletcher and Rodgers Have Other Reality Hosting Experience

Before stepping in on The Bachelorette, Fletcher had previous hosting experience alongside her former football-playing beau. They were at the helm of Battle of the Fittest Couples and Cash Pad.

While the fitness competition was canceled, Fletcher revealed of the experience, “We were like this is going to be actually the ultimate test because we are going to be living in a hotel room together for months, working together 24/7.”

Luckily, she described the experience as “a blast.” They are open to hosting together again, “I feel like that’s one thing we both know that we love to do and if the opportunity came, we would.”

Cash Pad, their rental renovation show, has not officially been canceled but never heard anything about a second season.

The Couple Will Likely Postpone Their Wedding Again Amid the Pandemic

Like many couples during the pandemic, they were forced to postpone their June 13, 2020 nuptials.

They rescheduled for this year, as Fletcher revealed, “I swore 2021 would be the year. I said no matter what it’s happening.”

That was the plan until their wedding planner revealed their venue still has only a 10-person capacity.

Rodgers explained, “Our venue’s hopeful that at some point it might increase, but you know, we have a rather large, medium-to-large, wedding party and we’ve always envisioned a big celebration. We’ve waited a long time, so we wanted it to be what we’ve always dreamed of, but right now we’re kind of in that gray area of possibly having to postpone again or decide what we’re going to do.”

He joked they were going for the franchise’s longest engagement, a record Fletcher is sure they already hold.

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