Katie Thurston Spotted Hanging Out With Former Suitor

Katie Thurston

ABC Katie Thurston of The Bachelorette.

Katie Thurston was spotted out and about with one of her rejected “Bachelorette” suitors. The ABC reality star shared photos and videos to her Instagram story as she hung out with John Hersey, the California bartender she eliminated from her season in Week 2.

In clips shared on her story, Thurston was seen in a car with Hersey and her friend Stephen Lovejoy. All three were masked up as they joked about their motto for the weekend: “F*ck it.”

Another pic showed the trio posing with the caption “Weekend Vibes.” And a video clip revealed that the group went to dinner at L.A. hotspot Craig’s as they dined on a loaded baked potato, creamed corn, rigatoni, pigs in a blanket, and macaroni and cheese. Thurston covered her face and giggled as the camera panned the spread.

On his story, Hersey also included a video of Thurston running in the dark to the car, with the caption, “Is that the Bachelorette running through sprinklers in the middle of the night? She really is the most relatable!”

Thurston also addressed the meetup on Twitter, writing, “Stranger to John H: “weren’t you on the Bachelorette?” Me, standing next to John with sunglasses on: *turns around and hides.’”

Fans Reacted to Thurston’s Reunion With Hersey

Katie Thurston meeting John Hersey.

ABCKatie Thurston and John Hersey.

“Bachelorette” fans were there for Thurston’s reunion with Hersey. A thread was dedicated to the weekend date on Reddit, titled ”Katie was hanging with John??” Some expressed hope that Thurston will have a change of tube about her final guy and will get back together with Hersey instead, in the same way that “Bachelor” Peter Weber did on his season when he dumped his final pick/fiancée Hannah Ann Sluss and began dating his fifth-place finisher, Kelley Flanagan.

“Katie you still have time to pull a Peter move!” one viewer wrote. “Plus he [Hersey] resides in San Diego, which is where you are moving to!

“Here for a Super Peter,” another wrote.

Other fans noted that it’s Nice” that Thurston “got a  good friend out of her Bachelorette experience.”

“I am pretty sure this is not the first time they’ve hung out together,” another wrote. “They come across as friendly… maybe he’ll help her get familiar with a new city.

Others wondered if Thurston was being careless by hanging out with a man from her season while her edition of the ABC dating show was still airing.

“Like what does this mean for her season,” one person wrote. “A middle finger to production? Does she already know the edit she’s going to get in the end and just doesn’t care anymore? Or did they just change the rules?”

Hersey was Once Considered a Frontrunner on Thurston’s Season

Katie Thurston Suitors

ABCKatie Thurston poses with her suitors on The Bachelorette.

Earlier this year, “Bachelor” spoiler king Reality Steve Carbone initially reported that Hersey made it to the Top 4 of Thurston’s season.

“I was 99% sure that John Hersey [made it to Top 4],” Carbone wrote on his blog. “Then shortly afterwards, Katie posted on her social media a weekend she spent in San Diego with friends from Bachelor Nation, and I started receiving emails that one of the places she tagged she visited, Duke’s in La Jolla, was where John Hersey worked as a bartender.”

The “Bachelorette” blogger noted that Thurston is too “smarty” and “savvy” to hang out in public with her final pick. He later added that while many sources told him that Hersey made it far in Thurston’s season, ultimately “he didn’t even make top 8.”

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