Fans Are Worried About Michelle Young & Nayte Olukoya

Nayte Olukoya and Michelle Young

Getty Nayte Olukoya and Michelle Young attend Shaq’s Fun House.

Michelle Young gave Nayte Olukoya her final rose during Season 18 of “The Bachelorette,” and the pair generated a lot of buzz among “Bachelor Nation” fans ever since. When their finale aired in December 2021, they revealed they planned to have a short engagement before getting married. They also noted Nayte soon would move to Minnesota where Michelle lived. Now, just six months later, things seem to have slowed down in the pace of Michelle and Nayte’s relationship. In fact, quite a few fans are speculating there may be a split on the horizon.

Here’s what you need to know:

Michelle & Nayte’s Recent Podcast Appearance Prompted Concerns

During a recent “Bachelor Happy Hour” podcast, Michelle noted the topic of relocating is a “constant, ongoing conversation.” Nayte has not moved to Minnesota, and Michelle suggested “The Bachelorette” couple would likely settle on a plan over the summer. Michelle said she needs to decide whether she will continue teaching, and thus stay in Minnesota, or step away from that and try something else that would allow a change of location more easily. In addition, Nayte’s based in Texas and the option to work remotely may not be available to him going forward.

On Reddit, the recent “BHH” podcast raised some red flags for some “The Bachelorette” fans. “Nayte and Michelle still seemed very off during that podcast,” one poster noted. As another person pointed out, “Nayte mentioned (jokingly) that they fight every day.” That person also suggested the couple’s answers to questions during the podcast seemed “surface level” and found it interesting they “didn’t mention any plans for the future. They may be still taking it slow, but obviously the ATFR plans changed.”

Fans Sense a Shift In Nayte & Michelle’s Dynamic

Some Reddit posters felt certain “The Bachelorette” couple was fine and people were over-analyzing their interviews and social media posts. Several people on Reddit mentioned a recent Instagram Story Michelle posted that Nayte did not repost. This struck some people as cause for concern, while others thought it was no big deal. As one “Bachelor Nation” fan wrote, “the tables turned after ATFR. They both posted each other constantly,” but lately, that poster feels that Michelle’s been posting frequently, often noting she’s missing Nayte or commenting on his posts, while he rarely reciprocates.

Another comment difference in opinion among fans on Reddit came as some noted both Michelle and Nayte were very busy with work, while others suggested that’s not entirely the case. For example, Nayte’s latest Instagram post was an array of photos from a charity golf tournament he did in San Diego with fellow “The Bachelorette” contestant Rodney Mathews. Michelle’s latest Instagram Stories show her hanging out in Virginia with a good friend.

Is there cause for concern that a split between Michelle and Nayte is on the horizon? As one Reddit poster suggested, “95% of the time people start noticing, a breakup post comes within weeks later. I hope not, BUT the odds are not in their favor.” Another commenter wrote, “I think they are in the phase where they don’t truly know if they’re right for each other. Imo they won’t last long.” Will Michelle and Nayte prove the doubters wrong or is another “The Bachelorette” couple split coming soon? Fans certainly seem divided and many will keep a close eye on the pair’s social media posts to see what comes next.

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