Noah Erb Teases Proposal: Something ‘Unique & Special on Our Own Terms’

Noah Erb

YouTube Noah Erb has a date with Abigail Heringer on "Bachelor in Paradise."

Last summer on “Bachelor in Paradise,” viewers watched as Noah Erb and Abigail Heringer fell for one another. Things seemed to get off to a fabulous start for the couple, but their relationship imploded shortly before filming ended. Rather than leave paradise engaged, they left separately, heartbroken, and single. Luckily, they reunited off-screen and have been going strong since then. Erb shared some updates on a recent podcast, and what he shared is surely great news for fans of the pair.

Here’s what you need to know:

Erb Admitted It Would Have Been ‘Nice’ to Get a Ring

Erb chatted with Ivan Hall and Demar Jackson on their podcast, “The Vibe,” and he gushed over Heringer quite a bit. At one point, Erb was asked, “Do you have any regrets over last year’s paradise, and if you did it again, would you have maybe just not have broken up with Abigail…so you could secure that engagement ring?” Erb noted that Heringer asks him questions like that frequently, so he has clearly given it some thought. He shared, however, that he “doesn’t really live like that.”

The “Bachelor in Paradise” star acknowledged that had he known they would reconcile very quickly after leaving Mexico, it would have been nice to have ended up with the ring. He mentioned, “I plan on getting engaged to her anyways,” but he also thinks “it worked out how it should have.” At the time the two were in the early stages of their romance during filming in Mexico, Erb explained he was “all in, we tried to make it work, it didn’t work in that environment.”

An Engagement Seems Essentially a Given for the Pair

As the traveling nurse and “Bachelor in Paradise” star continued, he explained why he thinks things worked out for the best. “This way when I do end up proposing, I get to do it in a special way, how I want to do it, how she’ll remember it,” and have things “more in our control.” Erb noted they are about a year out from when they did the show, and he seemed to suggest a proposal is not necessarily very far down the road. He emphasized how getting engaged on their own allows them to “make it way more unique and special on our own terms.”

Erb was also asked if he and Heringer would be open to having a televised wedding, perhaps in conjunction with getting a ring from the show. “We talked about it, no dig on the show, no dig on the franchise,” Erb started, but “we want it special, with the people we want there, we want it on our terms,” he continued. He added that he doesn’t look back and wish he had done things differently, in this case, or in general. Rather, he takes opportunities like that to learn. All signs point toward Erb and Heringer getting engaged and making it down the aisle at some point relatively soon, and “Bachelor in Paradise” fans will be eager to see it happen.

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