Former Bachelor Peter Weber Weighs in on the Next Bachelorette

Peter Weber

ABC/Paula Lobo Peter Weber on 'Good Morning America.'

As former Bachelor Peter Weber watched this season, three contestants stood out as potential Bachelorettes among this season’s “great women.”

“I’ve said Katie [Thurston], I could definitely root for Katie as Bachelorette,” the pilot told Heavy while promoting his partnership with Bulletproof.

The 29-year-old then pointed to another fan favorite who he thought “would make a great Bachelorette,” Abigail Heringer. She “just has that quality about her that just is a sweetheart and you can’t not root for her and want to see her and find her happiness more than anything.”

Rounding out his top picks is a current contender for Bachelor Matt James’ heart, Michelle Young. “Who knows if she’s with Matt or not,” Weber said ahead of Monday’s finale. Weber added, “Her family is amazing, seeing her in this last episode.”

Weber was a frontrunner on Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette before taking over the role for season 24 of The Bachelor. While he ended the season engaged to Hannah Ann Sluss, the two split before finale night. Most recently he split with another contestant of his, Kelley Flanagan.

Thurston, Heringer and Young’s season has been called out for its “mean girl” behavior.

“There’s a lot of drama,” quipped the new resident of New York City. “I thought my season was dramatic, this one I think takes the cake.”

Weber Advises Leads Realize They Cannot Please Everyone

Weber revealed the advice he gave to James and would apply to any franchise leads: “[you] just have to understand being in this position, you are not going to please everyone.”

As he put it, “You’re going to displease actually a lot of people. And unfortunately, that’s just a circumstance of the position that you’re in. But just embrace that and treat everyone obviously with the respect they deserve. There’s always, no matter what you’re doing – what kind of break up you’re doing, having to settle a dispute, whatever it is – there’s always a right way to handle it in my opinion.”

The former California resident admitted he “did a fairly poor job” of taking his own advice because he is “a people pleaser.” Though, he believes that is a lesson he has been able to apply to his life since leaving the show.

Weber added he “was hoping Matt could take that advice and I think he has.”

STOP! Do not read further if you want to avoid spoilers on season 17 of The Bachelorette.

Reality Steve Has Reported the Upcoming Bachelorette

It seems Weber’s choices are in line with Bachelor Nation producers, as Thurston and Young have both been tapped as Bachelorettes.

According to Reality Steve, Emmanuel Acho will announce a “curveball” while hosting the After the Final Rose special. That curveball includes two seasons of The Bachelorette this year.

Thurston’s season is set to begin filming shortly, with Reality Steve tweeting, “[Everyone] is currently quarantining in New Mexico – Katie, the men, the co-hosts, and production – & filming begins late next week at the Hyatt Tamaya, just outside of Albuquerque, NM.”

Former Bachelorettes Kaitlyn Bristowe and Tayshia Adams have been tapped to replace Chris Harrison as host for the upcoming season.

Following Thurston’s season, Bachelor in Paradise will enter production with Young’s season likely following in July. No location for either season is currently known.

“I’m sure some are asking, ‘If they wanted Michelle, why didn’t they just give her the season about to be filmed? Why have Katie?” wrote Reality Steve. “Michelle did not want to leave her class again to start filming in a few weeks, hence the reason she is getting her own season this summer when she’s out of school.”

Young is currently a teacher in Minnesota.

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