Rachel Recchia Defends ‘Outdated’ Clothing Choices

Rachel Recchia

ABC Rachel Recchia handing out roses.

Rachel Recchia, one of two women starring on “The Bachelorette” this season, has described her style as “mother of the bride,” according to her stylist, Cary Fetman, in a July 11 interview with Entertainment Weekly. Many fans have called the pilot out on her fashion choices throughout the season, and Recchia has finally stepped up to defend herself.

Who Chooses? The Stylist or The Bachelorette?

According to Entertainment Weekly, the stylist and the bachelorette choose the outfits together. Cary Fetman has been the chief wardrobe stylist for the franchise for nearly two decades. EW explains that “prior to the start of production, Fetman meets with the season’s star to help her pick outfits for every occasion — from glamorous gowns to athleisure to comfy jeans to snowsuits and fur-lined hats for those romantic moments on a glacier.”

The Bachelorette will tell Fetman what their general style and tastes are, and he will try to accommodate them, while still throwing in his own ideas. Fetman told EW that Recchia doesn’t necessarily want to look like the “mother of the bride,” but she is a conservative woman and “that’s the type of clothes that she picks. That’s the type of clothes that she feels most comfortable in.”

Gabby Windey, on the other hand, “loves as little amount of clothes on as possible, Fetman told EW. “Gabby’s style is very sexy. She is the girl that probably lived next door to you that never wanted to wear clothes and just was constantly ripping off her clothes.”

Fetman does his best to accommodate each Bachelorette’s unique style, but also tries to keep their looks as fashionable as they will allow. He stated that Recchia and Windey “allowed me to play as much as I could, but I tried to stick within their comfort zones too.”


Fans Have Their Own Opinions

Fans have been quite outspoken on social media about their dislike of Recchia’s wardrobe choices. Some blame the Bachelorette, some blame the stylist, and some fault both. One Reddit user wrote, “it sounds like the bachelorettes are indeed forced to pick from a rack of outdated and sparkly options.”

Another commented, “It’s beyond embarrassing how terrible most of these leads look. And while Cary isn’t holding a gun to people’s heads, he and TPTB are the only common denominators over the last 20 years.”

In regard to Recchia in particular, one fan tweeted, “Rachel is a stunning woman, but why, god, why are they dressing her like that?”


Recchia Claps Back

Recchia stood up for Fetman in an August 8 interview with Entertainment Weekly.  She insisted, “Cary’s never forced us to wear anything. He really takes into account every single thing that we like, or what makes us feel comfortable and kind of just helps us feel beautiful. Me and Gabby were so lucky to have him.”

Windey supported Recchia’s statement, adding “ [Fetman] really gets to know our personalities and our styles”…[he] does the big picture shopping for us, but we get to go in and actually choose our pieces.”

One Reddit user responded to these claims with, “Blink three times if you need help, ladies!” Another commented, “Why would they admit to this? Now they are going to be clowned on too when bad fashion choices are made lol.”

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