Former ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Says Sarah Trott Will Return to Show

Sarah Trott and Matt James

ABC/Craig Sjodin Sarah Trott hugs Matt James on their first one-on-one date of 'The Bachelor.'

Sarah Trott made a dramatic and explosive exit from The Bachelor, but not everyone is convinced her time on ABC is actually through. Former Bachelor contestant Bekah Martinez is thoroughly convinced that Trott will make a return to the show at some point.

“I think there’s like a 95 percent chance she’s back,” Martinez said during an episode of the podcast she co-hosts, Chatty Broads.

It didn’t take long for Martinez to up her confidence in the prediction from 95 percent to “there’s literally no doubt.”

“It’s too much screen time,” Martinez explained. “When someone just chooses to leave — think about Jason [Foster] leaving on Tayshia [Adams]’ season — it’s kind of like, ‘Ok, bye.’ If there’s no other storyline that’s going to develop, there’s no way they’re going to dedicate like a quarter of an episode to that person alone.

“There’s literally no doubt in my mind that she’s coming back… She will be involved later in the season.”

According to @BachelorData on Instagram, Trott was on screen for 19 minutes and 24 seconds on episode three. That was nearly double the time anyone else on the show had on camera, including even Matt James, who was on the screen for 10 minutes and 52 seconds.

By comparison, Foster was on the screen for about seven minutes on the episode when he told Adams that he was leaving The Bachelorette.

Sarah Trott Struggled With Jealousy & Homesickness

Trott, 24, appeared to be an early frontrunner for James after getting invited on one of the first one-on-one dates of the season. She confided in him that her father has amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a terminal illness that affects the nervous system, and said that his illness made her question whether she should come on the show.

Things quickly unraveled with Trott nearly fainting at the rose ceremony that followed her date. She then struggled with jealousy as other women developed their relationships with James, and she crashed a group date uninvited to talk to him about her difficulties with the process.

The latter drew the ire of other contestants who lashed out at Trott so severely that two — Kit Keenan and MJ Snyder — have since issued apologies on social media for their words on the show.

In her goodbye to James, she told him that being away from her family was “weighing so hard” and that she was “completely attacked” by the other contestants.

Returnees Usually Don’t Fare Well

Ben Smith and Tayshia Adams

ABC/Craig SjodinBen Smith is a contestant on Tayshia Adams’ season of ‘The Bachelorette.’

There were two contestants on the most recent season of The Bachelorette who couldn’t stomach that Tayshia Adams sent them home and decided to ask her for another chance.

Bennett Jordan was invited to attend the upcoming rose ceremony by Adams, but didn’t receive a rose and was sent home again. Ben Smith was also invited to attend an upcoming rose ceremony and advanced to the final two, but was sent home again shortly thereafter.

That’s typically the story for most returnees — a quick trip back out the door. The only notable exception is Ed Swiderski who left season five of The Bachelorette on his own accord in week five only to return in week seven. He eventually went on to receive the final rose from Jillian Harris.

If Trott really does plan on making a return before this season of The Bachelor is over, history doesn’t favor her chances at winding up with James.

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