Sean Lowe Posts His Most ‘Disturbing’ Instagram Photo Yet, Fans Say

Sean Lowe

Getty Sean Lowe and His Mischievous Grin.

Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici met on “The Bachelor” in season 17, and they have been happily married since 2014. Lowe seems to enjoy having mischievous fun on Instagram, and messing with his followers’ minds. The Texas real estate developer posted a photo on March 4, 2022, using an aging app that showed what he and his wife would look like 40 years from now.

Lowe apparently got ahold of that app again, and used it on his daughter, Mia, making her look like a grandma with pigtails.

Fans Don’t Know What to Make of This Bizarre Photo

Lowe joked in the caption, “Whataburger dates with Grandma are my favorite.”  One Instagram follower replied, “That is just so disturbing! 😂” Another questioned, “Did she say ‘where’s the beef?’ referring to a 1984 Wendy’s commercial where an elderly lady famously posed that query.

One poster jested, “They grow up so fast 😢” while another exclaimed, “Your humor is… oh my god.”

A baffled follower wrote, “Definitely had a WTH moment.” A bit of sarcasm was present in the post that read, “Grandmas pigtails are on point.”

A few posters were not so enthusiastic about the photo, but still seemed to take it in stride based on their emojis. One wrote, “TOO FAR SEAN, too far. 😂😂😂” Another remarked, “You’re always doing your kids dirty. I thought Mia would be spared by you 🤦🏻‍♀️ 😂”

The details made the difference for some fans. There were a lot of remarks about the fact that Mia, with her old lady face, had a runny nose. One user posted, “The runny nose makes this 😂.” Another declared, “Get grandma a damn Kleenex!🤧” and one poster wrote, “That little nose drool added the final touch.”

A rather prophetic post read, “In about 50 years the roles will be reversed but she won’t change your diaper 😮”

Words like horrifying, frightening, hilarious, crazy and weird were splattered throughout the comment section, indicating a vast array of emotions toward the bizarre image.

Get to Know the Real Mia

Mia is The Lowe’s third child, and their first daughter. She was born December 23, 2019. Sean beamed about the birth of his daughter on Instagram, writing, “I’ve always wanted a daddy’s girl and now I’ve got her. Mia is healthy, Mama is doing great, and God is so good!” No one could have predicted that two and a half years later, this proud daddy would be using apps to turn precious Mia into a mini-grandma.

The Lowes are used to surprises, not only giving them but also getting them. Catherine told Us Weekly, in July, 2019, “We were always planning on having three kids. This one came maybe a little sooner than we had planned, but we are excited. The idea of raising three kids under three and a half years old, that’s a little daunting if I’m being honest!”

In regard to future plans, Catherine revealed to People in April 2022 that “We’re still kind of looking into adoption, but I think biologically, we’re done, sad to say.” She added, “if we adopted, I would love to adopt a newborn, just because I love babies.”

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