Bachelor Nation’s Trista Sutter and Andrew Firestone May Become Family

Andrew Firestone, Trista Sutter, Ryan Sutter

Getty Andrew Firestone, Trista Sutter, Ryan Sutter

Bachelor Nation’s first ever Bachelorette, Trista Sutter, and third ever Bachelor, Andrew Firestone, have more in common than just being OGs in the Bachelor franchise. They also both happen to have 13-year-old kids, who, at the prodding of their parents, are thinking about dating each other.

Are Wedding Bells in the Future?

According to TV Showcase, “Trista and Ryan Sutter have a daughter, Blakesley. Andrew and his wife Ivana have a son, Brooks. The two talked about keeping it in the Bachelor family and setting their children up. The two teenagers have already been in communication with each other. Trista thinks it’s just a matter of time.”

Firestone joined hosts Sutter, and former Bachelor Bob Guiney, on the June 16, 2022 podcast of “Almost Famous OGs.”  The conversation eventually turned to the possibility of a budding romance between Blakesley and Brooks.

Blakesley and Brooks were born just a couple of weeks apart. Sutter told the story of how she reached out to Firestone’s wife, Ivana, just after Brooks was born, and declared, “I’ve got dibs!’ We’re going to have a planned wedding for Brooks and Blakesley!”

Fast-forward 13 years later and the young teens may be on their way to fulfilling that prophecy. Firestone interjected, “I didn’t know if I was allowed to blow this up or not, but I think the term is, sliding into the DMs of Blakesley.”

Trista confirmed that the communication was mutual, laughing while admitting, “And vice versa! Listen, I have to tell you, she’s always like, ‘Hey mom, will you tell Ivana that Brooks left me on read, so he needs to respond?’”

Although Firestone was a bit befuddled by what the term “left me on read” means, he thought it didn’t sound good.

Both parents seem to be all for their kids getting together. TV Showcase explains, “While the kids have talked, they haven’t met in person. But the parents want to change that.  Trista told her daughter they have time, while Andrew agreed they’d be great together one day.”

TV Showcase poses the question, “former bachelor couple?” while Bachelor Nation posits, “Who knows, maybe we’ll have second-generation Bachelor Nation couple one day!”

Looking Back at the OGs

Trista Rehn was the runner up in the first season of “The Bachelor,” where she made a huge impression on audiences. Accordingly, ABC decided to cast her as the first lead in their spin-off “The Bachelorette.” It was then that she met the love of her life, Colorado firefighter, Ryan Sutter.

Trista and Ryan wed on December 6, 2003, on a three-part ABC special called “Trista & Ryan’s Wedding,” which according to Us Weekly, earned the couple $1 million and garnered more than 26 million viewers.

The Sutter’s son, Maxwell, was born in July, 2007, and their daughter, Blakesley Grace, entered the world in April, 2009.  The family still lives happily together in Colorado.

Andrew Firestone – yes, of the Firestone Tire and Rubber Company and Firestone Vineyard – appeared on “The Bachelor’s” third season in 2003.  He got engaged to Jen Schefft at the end of the season, however their relationship lasted less than a year, reports Entertainment Weekly.

In 2008, Firestone married Ivana Bozilovic, who can be heard in the background of the OG podcast. The couple has three children: Blakesley Sutter’s crush, Brooks, 13; second son Shane, 11; and daughter Anja, 8, according to Biography Scoop.  The outlet also states that Firestone has a net worth of $50 million.

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