EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Catching Up with Kristin Cavallari

Kristin Cavallari Interview

Dennis Leupold Kristin Cavallari poses in a shoot for her company Uncommon James.

Kristin Cavallari is a woman who brings a lot to the table, and we’re not just talking about the food from her cookbooks. Some know Cavallari as a TV personality, while others embrace her as a fashion icon and red carpet pro. She’s a successful entrepreneur, mother and role model who is constantly evolving in her life. Her latest ventures are releasing a new cookbook, continuing to grow her company Uncommon James and raising her family like anyone else.

We recently got to chat with the E! star about what she’s been up to. Read on below for the latest update on Cavallari, her brands, and her lifestyle.

HEAVY: So, your new cookbook is out and it’s full of gluten free recipes. What made you decide to go gluten free with the book?

Kristin Cavallari: I cook gluten free but I wouldn’t consider myself to be gluten free. I eat gluten when I go out to eat and travel. I cook gluten free and eat that way most of the time because I just feel better.

Kristin Cavallari New Cookbook True Comfort

True Comfort Cover ArtA photo of True Comfort’s front cover, provided by EMC Bowery.

HEAVY: What are some of your favorite go-to dishes from your new book?

KC: My favorites are the enchilada casserole, chicken ragu a la king, lox breakfast bowl, fried brussel sprouts.

HEAVY: I’ll have some of that enchilada casserole over here please. You’ve written other cookbooks in the past. What made you want to do another?

KC: True Roots and True Comfort are the same in the sense that they are both made up of gluten free recipes with no refined sugar, yet they are the opposite because True Roots is a spring/summer cookbook (much lighter) and True Comfort is traditional comfort food with a healthy twist.

HEAVY: Nice. Fans really got a chance to get to see you bring Uncommon James to life on your show Very Cavallari. What’s going on with Uncommon James now?

KC: We’re getting ready to open a store in Dallas this coming spring and will be launching a new product line. I’m very excited! Stay tuned!

HEAVY: Ooh, that’s awesome for UJ! With the holidays coming up, are there any UJ items you think could make really great gifts?

KC: Our candles are always a great, easy gift. We also have fun mugs, dish towels, and of course jewelry.

HEAVY: Is your closet at home just filled with Uncommon James? (Laughs.)

KC: Pretty much! I have a ton. (Laughs.)

Kristin Cavallari In Her Kitchen

Aubrie PickKristin Cavallari shows off some of her recipes and samples a few.

HEAVY: I know you have Little James, which is for kids. I have a 16-month-old little boy. What would be a great Uncommon James outfit for a little guy his age?

KC: Well my favorites are our holiday PJs, but I also love our little puffy vests and our jackets are great for boys. I love our outerwear.

HEAVY: Does having kids make you think differently when figuring out your kids’ line?

KC: Of course. I ask their opinion about everything and, lucky for me, kids are brutally honest so they don’t hold back. I want to make what they want to wear, while still looking cute!

HEAVY: With the pandemic going on, have you been cooking up a storm with your cookbook or trying everything on in the Uncommon James closet?

KC: Pretty much! I’m a homebody anyway so being home with my kids cooking is my happy place.

HEAVY: Aw that’s great to get all of this extra time with them. As someone who has done a lot with fashion, cooking, entertainment and lifestyle, is there anything else you’d love to dive into?

KC: I’m honestly just loving life right now and enjoying every second. I love the balance that I have with work and my kids, and I’m finally in this beautiful place where I’m not feeling so overwhelmed. In this moment, I’m content and happy doing what I’m currently doing.

Kristin Cavallari

Dennis LeupoldA photoshoot with Kristin Cavallari for Uncommon James’ jewelry collection.

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