‘The Masked Singer’ Live Spoilers: Who Got Eliminated? 10/20/2021

Masked Singer Judges and Host


“The Masked Singer”  season 6 is in full swing and episode 6 aired on Wednesday, October 20, 2021. Five competitors from Group A took the stage to perform and, at the end of the night, one of the disguised celebrities was unmasked.

Previously this season, singer Ruth Pointer was revealed to be the Cupcake, L.A. Laker Dwight Howard was unmasked as the Octopus, actress Vivica A. Fox turned out to be Mother Nature, the Pufferfish was revealed to be legendary songstress Toni Braxton, and the creepy giant baby was comedian Larry the Cable Guy.


Who was unmasked on episode 6 of season 6? Keep reading for some juicy spoilers about who gets unmasked, along with some of the clues and the wild guesses from the judges. If you’d like to skip to who was unmasked tonight, feel free to scroll down to the bottom of this article.

“The Masked Singer” Season 6 Episode 6 Recap

The episode started with Nick Cannon introducing the theme of the night: Time Travel Machine. Jenny McCarthy was dressed up 1990 prom style and Nicole Scherzinger was done up old school Pussycat Dolls style. Robin Thicke was wearing a plaid suit and blingy tacky glasses — he called his style “Elton wrong.” Ken Jeong sported a Members Only jacket. Nick teased that tonight’s wildcard contestant comes from hundreds of years ago and the team got ready to sit down and get on with the night.

But wait! There’s more! Nick said there’s one more new contestant — Soft Serve. The ice cream cone costumed person sang “This Little Light of Mine.” At the end of the performance, Soft Serve was unmasked — but not before Jenny guessed it was Machine Gun Kelly — although, it was pretty clear she was joking. Soft Serve turned out to be the night’s guest panelist, actor Leslie Jordan.

Next up The Bull came on with his answer to where he would time travel to if he had the opportunity. He said, “If I could revisit any time in my life… it would be when I left my stable job to chase my dreams and like the Fresh Prince, my life was turned upside down.”

Bull sang Adele’s “To Make You Feel My Love.” He revealed that his time machine clue was an old-school first-generation iMac circa 1998. He said the sound of the old school modem sound “lives rent free in my mind.”

Ken Jeong made a pretty good argument the Bull is Taye Diggs based on the rent free comment. Jenny thought it was Little Nas X. Leslie guessed that the Bull is Cheyenne Jackson. The internet is pretty convinced that the Bull is either Zac Efron, Bernie Williams, or Kel Mitchell. The most popular choice, however, is Todrick Hall.

Next up the saucy Pepper revealed that she’d take the time machine back to when she first hit it big and was pulled in a million different directions with interviews and red carpets. She then sashayed out onto the stage to sing “No Tears Left To Cry.”

Pepper’s time machine clue was an old school first edition of the iPod circa 2001.

Jenny guessed that the voice behind the spicy costume was Pink because Pepper said “all you have to do is plug it in and let’s get the party started” about the iPod. Ken thought because of the iPod the singer had to be from the early to mid-aughts. He guessed it was Taye Diggs’ ex-wife Idina Menzel, while Nicole Scherzinger guessed it was Ellie Goulding.

The internet consensus is that Pepper is Natasha Bedingfield, especially since part of her package involved a video featuring Courtney Cox, who is friends with Bedingfield.

The Skunk time-traveled back to the 1990s to one of her biggest regrets. She wants to fix a point when she didn’t say hi to someone she loved and never got to see again after that.

Skunk sang Teena Marie’s “Square Biz,” saying the song reminded her to live in the present with no regrets. Skunk’s item from the time machine was a pager circa 1994. She said if someone sent her “607” on a pager, it made her feel like a dream girl.

Jenny thought because of the performance and dream girl reference that the Skunk was Jennifer Hudson. Nicole guessed Cynthia Evrio because she had just seen her perform at the Hollywood Bowl and the performance reminded her of that. Robin Thicke threw out Faith Evans as his guess due to her not being able to say goodbye to a loved one — in this case the Notorious B.I.G. Popular speculation on the internet is that the Skunk is Faith Evans.

Next up, the Hamster traveled back in time to reveal that he’d go back to the 1990s when he and his wife went to an after-party after a concert where he met Luis Miguel and that really impressed his wife.

Hamster then skillfully performed Luis Miguel’s “Sabor A Mi” in Spanish and dedicated it to “Mi Amore, mi Corazon.” He blew the audience and judges away with his performance.

Hamster’s time machine item was a portable TV from circa 1984. He said, “I never imagined that many many years later I  would be on TV with all of my amigos,” leading the judges to wonder if it was a “Saturday Night Live” cast member.

Robin guessed that the Hamster was Martin Short or Sean Astin. Leslie thought it was Marc Anthony, ARod, or Puff Daddy — all exes of JLo. Nicole guessed that it was the “fluffy” comedian Gabriel Iglesias. The popular internet consensus says Hamster is Matthew Perry or Bill Murray.

Meanwhile, on Twitter:

The wildcard character was next and turned out to be someone who, according to Nick, “time-warped in from the medieval courts of Europe” It was none other than the Jester – who is truly terrifying.

During his clue segment, Jester said: “Get ready for the wildest wildcard yet… you could say I’ve changed the course of history. I’ve even been voted one of the 100 most influential people of all time. But I’ve also been called a scoundrel… I’ve been banished from famous venues though, in reality, I’m not a bad guy. In fact, that’s why I’m here,  to show that I’m a loveable, sensitive, multi-faceted clown that just wants to make you laugh. I’ll do anything to make you laugh.”

Jester sang Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out.” Jester’s time machine item was a torn plaid blazer circa 1975.

Since Jester was the wild card, the judges had to write down their guesses. Robin and Jenny believed Jester was Dee Snider. Leslie guessed it was Ricky Gervais, while Ken, keeping with his tradition of crazy random guesses, said Roger Daltrey.

Who Got Eliminated

In a shocking turn of events, despite the excellent performance, the Hamster was eliminated. Nick commented that the competition was incredibly close this week.

The judges’ first impression votes had Robin guessing Cheech Marin was the Hamster’s true identity. Jenny said Andy Richter or Jason Alexander but then changed her mind and said Rob Schneider. Nicole originally said Jason Alexander and changed it to Gabriel Iglesias. Leslie also said it was Gabriel Iglesias. Ken said Bill Murry and then changed his vote to Will Ferrell.

When the Hamster was unmasked, it turned out to be Rob Schneider!

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