‘The Voice’ Champion Welcomes Third Baby

Alisan Porter Baby

Getty "The Voice" star Alisan Porter welcomed her baby.

Alisan Porter, the winner of NBC’sThe Voice” season 10, welcomed her third baby into the world on October 21, 2021 alongside her boyfriend Justin de Vera, she announced on Instagram.

“Our beautiful daughter Shilo Bee was born on 10/20/21 on the full moon,” she wrote. “She is a slice of heaven and we are very in love.”

Since then, Porter has kept her followers updated on her baby’s journey home including introducing her to her older siblings.

Porter Updated Fans On Her Body After Birth

Not only has Porter kept her followers updated on her baby’s life, she has also been keeping them updated on her own life.

“5 days ago I was having a human removed from my body, scar tissues from previous pregnancies had completely flipped around my uterus and I lost a lot of blood,” she wrote in a post. “Shilo spent one night in the NICU to help with her transition which was new and scary.”

She added later that she was very tired after having her child home and having to keep up on making lunches for her older children as well as taking care of the dogs.

“It’s funny how I could be expected to work too,” she wrote. “We need to really give parents (especially new mothers) a break. I’m lucky not to suffer from post Partum depression and I’m lucky to be able to stay home today and ‘rest’ and to have a loving and supporting partner. But when they say new moms are superheroes, they’re not kidding.”

She added that she’s not worried about “getting my body back” and instead is focused on healing, which “should be priority.”

She has also shared the reality behind having a child at 40 years old.

“I don’t give a single sh** about how my body looks postpartum,” she wrote. “In fact I love this bump. This bump held my third baby. It housed all of my 3 children. It carried them healthily and delivered them into this world. I’m not trying to fit in my jeans, impress my dude, show off for the gram… in fact it’s my goal to show a natural and healthy progression to my former body. Or my new body.”

Porter Announced Her Pregnancy in April

Porter first announced her pregnancy in April 2021.

“We always knew you would join us,” she wrote on Instagram at the time. “We dreamt of you. We talked about you. We felt you just outside the realm of reality.”

She added later, “Motherhood is the most sacred role of my life and I feel so incredibly grateful to do this once again. For the kids it’s a huge change but something they have begged for and talked about forever and then reliving the first time all over again through Justin, which I think has been my favorite thing so far. Baby Beeshy is due early November!”

Porter and De Vera have been together since 2018. Porter has two children with her ex-husband, Brian Autenrieth. The two were married in 2012 and got divorced in 2017.

“The Voice” airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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