Ariana Grande Does Uncanny Impression of ‘The Voice’ Co-Star

Ariana Grande

Getty Ariana Grande has brought her celebrity impersonation skills to the set of "The Voice."

Ariana Grande’s impressive ear for music also extends to an ear for celebrity impressions.

Grande has formed a bond with late-night talk show host Jimmy Fallon over their shared ability to impersonate just about anyone. While a guest on Fallon’s show, Grande wowed the audience with her impressions of Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Celine Dion.

On Saturday Night Live, Grande did an impression of Jennifer Lawrence which Lawrence herself referred to as “spot f***ing on” in a 2017 Vogue interview. It was only a matter of time before Grande showed off her impersonation skills on “The Voice.”

In a video clip shared on TODAY, Grande impersonates her Battle Advisor Kristin Chenoweth in front of Chenoweth and “The Voice” contestant Ryleigh Plank. The clip starts with Ryleigh bringing up a TikTok posted by Chenoweth.

“I love that video, I think I know it by heart,” Grande says before doing an impersonation of Chenoweth in the TikTok. “That was dead on,” Chenoweth says laughing.

Carson Daly Says Grande Often Does Impressions on Set

While introducing the clip of the impression on TODAY, “The Voice” host Carson Daly suggested that this isn’t the first time Grande has done a celebrity impression on the set of “The Voice.” “Every time she does it on the set, we’re all on the floor laughing,” Daly said.

After the clip, Daly told his fellow TODAY anchors that Grande’s impressions aren’t limited to Chenoweth. “I’m telling you she nails everybody, she does everybody,” he said.

“She seems like legit funny,” news anchor Craig Melvin said. “She’s legit entertaining,” Daly replied. “We all just sit there and watch her.”

Fingers crossed we get to hear her impersonate Blake Shelton next!

What to Expect from ‘The Voice’ Knockout Rounds

Now that the Battle Rounds are over on “The Voice,” it’s time for the Knockouts. In the Knockout Rounds, the coaches pair two contestants from their team against each other. The contestants pick their own songs and perform alone, but their coach will select only one of them to advance to the live shows.

How Do Coaches Decide Who to Pair Against Each Other?

Being a coach on “The Voice” involves a good deal of strategy. John Legend gave Parade the scoop on how the coaches decide who to pair against each other in the Knockout Rounds.

“Part of it is thinking about different lanes and genres that people are in, so when you go to the Lives, you want the best of that particular lane or genre to be in place, and so you put people that are in similar spaces against each other so the best person in that lane can win and then go forward to the live rounds, and then, hopefully, be the best person to represent that genre,” he said.

The Knockout Rounds begin Monday, October 25 at 8 p.m. Eastern time on NBC. New episodes of “The Voice” air Monday and Tuesday nights.

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