‘The Voice’ Behind-the-Scenes: The Coaches Are Sick of This

The Voice Coaches

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Season 20 of NBC’s The Voice features coaches Kelly Clarkson, Nick Jonas, John Legend and Blake Shelton facing off to find the best singer in the competition and get them through to the finale. Before that can happen, however, they have to make it through the Blind Auditions.

The Blind Auditions this year have proven to hold some great talent while also providing a lot of great laughs for fans. The coaches have been giving out their gifts to contestants who choose them as well.

For Team Blake, that means giving out a bobblehead that doesn’t really look much like Shelton. Team Nick contestants get a notebook with the words “Nick’s Notes” embroidered on the front, and Team Kelly contestants get a flashy Team Kelly jacket.

Team Legend’s gifts to contestants is a bit out there, though; he has been singing them a personalized version of his “Welcome to Team Legend” song, and the other coaches are sick of it.

The Coaches Are Tired of ‘Welcome to Team Legend’

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When the first contestant chose to be on Team Legend this season, Legend pulled out a keyboard from beside his chair and broke into song with the very first rendition of “Welcome to Team Legend.” The other coaches made fun of it because they said it was too long, but it got stuck in their heads afterward.

Throughout the auditions, there have been times when each of the coaches have been caught singing “Welcome to Team Legend,” and at one point, the band even started playing it, allowing Legend to sing along while they waited for another contestant to come onto the stage.

“I can’t get the Team Legend song out of my head,” Shelton shared at one point. “You know, I made fun of it at first, and then I realized it’s way too long, and now I walk around singing that stupid song all day.”

After each of the coaches broke out into the song simultaneously, Jonas had some encouraging words for Legend.

“Well, John, you did it,” he said. “Another smash hit!”

When Legend was recording a portion where he was singing the song for the cameras, the other coaches were annoyed once again.

“I wish I had something to throw,” Clarkson remarked.

Jonas added, “Uh, I’m tired of hearing this song.”

Legend put down the keyboard before picking it back up, and Shelton looked over, remarking, “Oh, no! That was right, you were putting it down. Putting the keyboard down and we weren’t ever hearing that song again, but now it’s back in your lap again!”

When Legend laughed it off, Shelton remarked, “I’m starting to hate this job.”

The Coaches Have Fun Between Auditions

A behind-the-scenes video showed the coaches hanging out between auditions, joking about what has happened that day and singing “Welcome to Team Legend.”

The video also showed off some of the bloopers from filming the jokey parts of the season, like when Jonas walked out of Team Kelly Clarkson’s jacket closet nonchalantly and she started laughing.

The Voice airs on Mondays and Tuesdays on NBC.

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