Blake Shelton Gives a Past Regret Another Try

Blake Shelton

Getty Acoustic Blake.

Blake Shelton is about to start coaching a brand-new season of “The Voice,” with his wife of over just one year, Gwen Stefani. While the future looks bright, Shelton still has a few regrets about his past, particularly when it comes to music.

Shelton admitted on a June 29 Instagram post that there is one song he really regrets never having released as a single. The country superstar wrote, “Back in the day I wanted this song to be a single so bad I put it on 2 different albums. We never got to it and I still regret it. Thought I’d dig it out for y’all. It’s called ‘I Don’t Care.’”

WATCH Shelton Perform a New Acoustic Version

The song, which was written by Casey Beathard and Dean Dillon, already appeared as the fourth track on Shelton’s 2007 album, “Pure BS,” as well as the 11th track on 2008’s “Startin’ Fires.”  Its clever hook is rooted in the singer’s desire to convince himself that he no longer cares for his ex, and that seeing her with another man doesn’t bother him.

The new, more soulful acoustic version of the song really brings these lyrics home: “I don’t care/ She don’t matter/ I don’t love her anymore, he can have her/ I don’t know why it slips my mind/ I tell myself all the time/ Guess I forgot again for a second there/ That I don’t care”

It’s Never Too Late

Shelton didn’t explain why he never released the track as a single. He basically just said in the Instagram post that he never got around to it. However, “The Voice” host, Carson Daly thinks the third time might be the charm. He commented on Shelton’s post with, “this acoustic version is killer & timing is everything. The story, lyrics & your voice hit home waaay more now than back then. Release it this way & see if 3rd time’s a charm.”  That suggestion garnered over 700 likes from Instagram users.

Shelton did not reply back to Daly, but considering how excited fans seem to be about the possibility of him releasing “I Don’t Care” as a single, Shelton may seriously consider it. One fan encouraged, “Release it now.” Another asked, “How many other jams are you keeping from us?!”

One excited user posted, “Omg Blake… 😍 this is what I’ve been missing from you!! This song is real deal country tear jerker 🎶😘❤️❤️ love you.” Another poster remarked, “This would be a number one.”

Shelton has already had a slew of number one hits, but another one couldn’t hurt. According to Billboard, he has had 28 number one songs on the Billboard Country Airplay chart, and 36 top 10 hits.

The Oklahoma native also has a huge streak of number ones as a coach on NBC’s “The Voice.”  With a total of eight wins, he has won more times than any other Voice coach in the show’s history. His most recent victory occurred in season 20 with non-country vocalist, Cam Anthony.

Season 22 of “The Voice” will begin airing Monday, September 19 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. It will also air on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET, giving Shelton a chance for his ninth win.

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