‘The Voice’ Winner Girl Named Tom Excites Fans With Announcement

Girl Named Tom Kelly Clarkson

NBC Season 21 Winners Girl Named Tom with Coach Kelly Clarkson

All three members of Season 21’s winner of “The Voice,” Girl Named Tom, are working hard on new music in Republic Records’ studio, according to a recent Instagram post.

View 6 New Pics of The Band Collaborating in the Studio

The first non-solo act to ever win the NBC singing competition, the Girl Named Tom siblings, Bekah, Caleb and Joshua Liechty, have been writing and performing their own music for years.

The trio was originally planning to go to medical school, but they decided to form a band instead. As Parade reports, “the whole idea of forming a family band was a risk for them, especially since both Caleb and Joshua had graduated college with bio-chemistry degrees and Bekah was about to follow on the same track. But then their mother suggested they form a band, and it didn’t take long for them to take her up on the idea.”

Coach Kelly Clarkson is glad they did, as they helped her earn her fourth win on “The Voice.” First, she claimed victory with the youngest “Voice” winner, Brynn Cartelli in season 14, followed by Chevel Shepherd in season 15 and Jake Hoot in season 17. Girl Named Tom won the show just shortly before Clarkson announced she was leaving.

Girl Named Tom has been touring the United States since their win, and are now working on their new album. The trio prides themselves on their unique harmonies and arrangements. Caleb told Distractify in a January, 2022 interview: “Arranging has always been one of my favorite parts of making music, and it felt incredible to have [four] pro musicians (as well as Paul Mirkovich and the best band in the land) affirming our hard work on a weekly basis.” Jacob added, “My confidence in my ability to arrange and perform under pressure is the biggest thing I will take away from this experience” (meaning being on “The Voice”).

Brand New Original Songs Are on The Way

The band is not revealing much about their new album. However, they tweeted on May, 19, 2022 that they played songs that were only four days old at their most recent concert.

Fans are super excited to hear their new music. One fan tweeted, “music that is 4 days old??? Can’t wait to hear what you’ve been working on.”

In response to their Instagram announcement that they are in the studio, a fan responded, “Anxiously awaiting the results of your studio sessions.” Another declared, “This. This I like to see!” One anxious fan asked, “Does that mean you will release new music next week?!?!? Waiting on pins and needles…”

While it might not be next week, Caleb told Distractify in January “We are SO EXCITED about our new music! Our goals for 2022 are clear: Release a full-length album full of meaningful songs and take it on the road when we can.” Bekah chimed in, “2022 is going to be the year we establish our sound further with each new release of music.”

Girl Named Tom released an EP in 2019 called Another World. As of the writing this article, no release date for the new album has been announced.

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