A Major Car Accident Made This ‘Voice’ Contestant Re-Evaluate His Life

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In 2019, The Voice contestant Ian Flanigan was involved in a major car accident that required surgery, according to the Poughkeepsie Journal.

While the accident itself was terrible, the silver lining was that it forced the singer to “get [his] priorities in order”. Flanigan told the outlet, “You never know how much time you have.”

After the crash, Flanigan and his wife sold everything they owned. They purchased a 2011 Winnebago and took off on a cross-country expedition.  Today, the singer calls the Hudson Valley his home. In fact, according to his website, Flanigan has been named the Hudson Valley’s “Best Vocalist/ Best Artist.”

He shared with the Poughkeepsie Journal, “I feel the Hudson Valley and the local music scene shaped me… All of those shows, from the best ones to the late night bars with three people in them, you take it all to every stage with you. We have such an amazing community. I’m always grateful for coming from there. Everyone takes music seriously.”

Being on ‘The Voice’

Ian Flanigan's Unique Voice Shines on Zac Brown Band's "Colder Weather" – The Voice Blind AuditionsIan Flanigan performs "Colder Weather" during The Voice Blind Auditions. » Get The Voice Official App: bit.ly/TheVoiceOfficialApp » Subscribe for More: bit.ly/TheVoiceSub » Watch The Voice Mondays & Tuesdays 8/7c on NBC! » Stream Now: bit.ly/TheVoiceFullEpisodes THE VOICE ON SOCIAL: Like The Voice: Facebook.com/NBCTheVoice Follow The Voice: Twitter.com/NBCTheVoice Follow The Voice on Instagram: instagram.com/nbcthevoice/ #TheVoice…2020-10-20T01:23:34Z

The experience of being on a network television show, according to Flanigan, has been transformative. The artist tells The Poughkeepsie Journal, “The entire staging is something… I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s huge. It is breathtaking, but it’s also when there is that much going on, it’s tunnel vision to focus to just get through it.”

He added, “It’s hard to not get worked up or anxious. My main strategy is, just trying to keep breathing and be myself and that’s all I can do.”

The 30-year-old, according to NBC’s The Voice website, grew up playing music and was songwriting by the ripe age of 11. After graduating high school, he dedicated his time to traveling around, playing in bands, and performing where he could.

After putting himself through rehab, Flanigan met his wife, Ayla. Together, the two have a daughter, Kamea, and their own production company.

The Flanigans tour full-time in their motor home.

Why Blake Chosen Ian

After his performance during the blind auditions, judge Blake Shelton shared with audiences, “I ended up choosing Ian because he’s just got the most unique voice maybe I’ve ever heard on ‘The Voice,'” Shelton said.

The other judges seconded those sentiments, with Stefani saying, “… nobody has a voice that sounds like that, it’s just so rare.”

Legend added, “I felt like Ian, it was so much identity and character in your voice, the rasp, the gravel.”

And the judges aren’t his only fans.

John Barry, of USA Today, wrote of Flanigan, “Imagine Tom Waits as a member of Mumford & Sons playing songs by the Lumineers, with a hint of Chris Stapleton. That’s my impression of Flanigan, whose smoky barroom voice provides contrast to the melodic plea he unleashes with an urgency. Overall, Flanigan offers the kind of optimism that is hard-won after losing on the kind of bets that alter the trajectory of a life—bets you make on yourself, bets you make on others, bets that fail to deliver more often than they come through.”

Will Flanigan win this season of the show? The Voice will air December 7 and December 8 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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