WATCH: Blake Shelton ‘Instantly’ Knew This Contestant Was a Songwriter

Blake Shelton

NBC Blake Shelton as a coach on "The Voice."

The Voice” is definitely a show where singers with powerful belts and big ranges do well, but that’s not why 21-year-old Kaitlyn Velez got Blake Shelton’s attention.

Shelton and John Legend turned at almost exactly the same time during Velez’s performance of “Please Don’t Go” by Mike Posner. The Long Island native accompanied herself on ukelele. Velez told the coaches that she’s been playing ukelele since she was 14 years old and that she also writes songs.

“Instantly when I turned around I was watching, I was like ‘oh she’s a songwriter,'” Shelton said. He mentioned that Meghan Trainor also writes her “cool, funky songs” on the ukelele. 

Watch Kaitlyn Velez’s performance below:

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Shelton Disagreed With the Other Coaches’ Criticism of Velez

Although Legend turned around for Velez, he said he feels like she needs to open up a bit more, but added: “that’s what coaching is for.” Kelly Clarkson also said she was hesitant to turn because she wondered if Velez could open up more.

Shelton weighed in on the conversation. “I understand what they’re saying about opening up but I also think it’s important to recognize what somebody feels comfortable doing in order to express whatever their art is and you might have a different way of expressing than a singer that can come out here and just blow the roof off the place,” he told the 21-year-old songwriter. 

Shelton concluded his pitch with, “There’s nobody like you on my team and I’d be proud to protect that spot for you.” After hearing Shelton and Legend talk, Grande said that she was “feeling a bit regretful” about not turning around for Velez. 

Whose Team Did Velez Join?

If Velez was feeling unsure about whose team to join, Shelton’s pitch probably helped her decide. “I’m very shocked that this person turned for me but I’m very happy and very grateful,” she said before announcing her decision to join Team Blake.

“It was a no-brainer for me to perform with my ukulele. It’s where I write all of my songs and I always feel so safe singing with it,” Velez wrote on Instagram. Her original music can be found on Spotify.

How Many 4-Chair-Turn Contestants Does Each Coach Have?

It’s always a big deal when all four coaches turn around for a blind audition. There have been several four-chair-turn contestants this season, but which coach has the most of them on their team?

Team Ariana and Team Legend have no four chair-turn contestants on their teams.

Team Blake has two: Wendy Moten and Carson Peters. Not usually won to turn for country artists, Grande was visibly impressed by Peters’ controlled vocal riffs. Peters also plays the fiddle.

Team Kelly is in the lead right now with three four-chair-turn contestants. Clarkson has Gymani, Girl Named Tom, and Holly Forbes on her team. Gymani surprised everyone by singing an Ariana Grande song but choosing Clarkson as her coach.

New episodes of “The Voice” air Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern time on NBC.

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