Thomas Ravenel Implies ‘Southern Charm’ Star Is a ‘Loser’

NBCUMV / Instagram Thomas Ravenel slammed a "Southern Charm" cast member.

Thomas Ravenel may have left Bravo’s Southern Charm, but he may not have totally left the drama. Ravenel was fired from Southern Charm prior to season 6 after he was accused of sexual assault by his children’s former nanny in 2018. However, he still shares two children with ex-girlfriend Kathryn Dennis. Dennis and Ravenel dated on-and-off since 2014 and share two kids together: Kensie (6) and Saint (4).

TwitterThe Tweet Ravenel has since deleted.

In a since-deleted tweet, as seen above, Ravenel called out a Southern Charm cast member. Ravenel tweeted on Monday, November 2, “In my mind, if you were a fellow cast mate of someone on a tv show three years ago yet you’re still obsessed with gossiping about him, that kind of makes you a loser, no?”

The 58-year-old former politician and reality star deleted the tweet shortly after posting it and hasn’t commented since. Two days before Ravenel published the tweet, he dismissed any rumors of rejoining the Southern Charm cast. “People keep asking me if they’ll see me again on Southern Charm,” Ravenel tweeted on Saturday, October 31. “My response is “only in the reruns!””

A fan responded to the tweet saying, “It was nice seeing you with Kathryn and the kids .they are so cute.” The user referred to Ravenel appearing on the season premiere while Dennis temporarily lived with him during home renovations. Ravenel responded to the user, “I wouldn’t go back for a million dollars! Now a million, one.”

Ravenel Used Twitter to Announce Engagement Plans

Thomas Ravenel has expressed his disdain for Southern Charm via Twitter before. Ravenel has also used Twitter to discuss his life and future. In mid-October, the former Bravo star revealed he’s planning on getting married. “Did anyone know I’m getting married?” Ravenel tweeted in a since-deleteted tweet on Tuesday, October 13.

Even though he deleted the tweet, he did respond to someone asking if he was going to ignore the marriage tweet. “Not at all,” Ravenel responded on October 13. “I’m getting engaged to marry Heather Mascoe. I’m a lucky man!”

Heather Mascoe – a 38-year-old nurse and politician – and Ravenel welcomed their first child together on June 29. “We’ve named him Jonathan Jackson Ravenel and he was born by C-section on June 29, 7lbs 4oz and 20.25inches long,” he told the Daily Mail in July. The two briefly dated, but at the time of the birth, they were not together, and just, “really good friends,” Ravenel told the Daily Mail.

Ravenel continued to tweet about his future plans on October 13. When one twitter user asked him if he was planning on getting a prenup, Ravenel confidently responded, “Not with this one. No need.” Another Bravo fan asked if they could expect the wedding to appear on Southern Charm. The former Bravo star dismissed that idea, tweeting, “Absolutely not. Lol.”

Thomas Ravenel Slammed Shep Rose

Ravenel never clarified which fellow Southern Charm cast member he was referring to as a “loser,” but he’s made it clear he’s not a fan of current cast member Shep Rose. In September, Rose tweeted a political statement writing, “Every trump supporting woman on twitter looks like they secretly think “he’s rich! I wish he grabbed me by the p****, maybe i could get a ride on his private jet, i bet it’s got all the Mountain Dew you can drink on there. And maybe some spaghettios.””

The Reality TV Bliss Twitter account took a screenshot of Rose’s tweet and added the caption, “Shep degrading women. Is anyone surprised? He needs help #SouthernCharm.” Ravenel retweeted the tweet on November 3 and added the caption, “Damn!”

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