Former Intern Claimed T.I & Tiny Sexually Assaulted Her at 17

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Getty T.I. and Tameka 'Tiny' Cottle-Harris arrive at the Los Angeles Premiere of Marvel Studios 'Ant-Man' at Dolby Theatre.

More women have come forward accusing Clifford “T.I” Harris and Tameka “Tiny” Harris of sexual abuse. According to The Daily Beast, six more women have come forward to attorney Tyrone A. Blackburn claiming that the couple or a member of their inner circle sexually abused them, making it 11 accusers in total. One of the six women includes a former intern who accused the couple of assaulting her when she was 17-years-old.

Blackburn sent out five letters to the U.S. Attorneys for the Northern District of Georgia and the Central District of California, the Los Angeles County District Attorney and the state attorneys general of California and Georgia that explained what his clients are alleging happened to them explicit detail, which were obtained by The Daily Beast. In one of the letters, a woman accused the couple of sexually assaulting her in 2006 when she was 17. The woman claimed that Tameka Harris offered her a drink and two pills while they were on a tour bus. The woman said that after she took the pills and the drink, she started to feel “hot and sweaty… [and she] began hallucinating and felt like she was floating.” The letter went on to say that the woman said that Harris brought her to a bedroom in the back of the tour bus and told her to undress so she could “cool off” and then she began vomiting. In the midst of her nausea, she claimed that Clifford Harris began complimenting her looks while his wife was telling her to continue drinking. She then remembers waking up the next morning “naked on a bed… bleeding from her vagina” and feeling “discomfort in her anus,” the letter stated. After waking up, the woman claimed that a member of the Harris’ team took her home, gave her a morning after pill and told her that “she needs to learn to keep her mouth shut” and “if she did not that bad things could happen to her and her family.”

In total, Blackburn is representing 11 people who have made accusations against the Harris couple. The alleged victims have accused them of sexual assault, kidnapping, drugging them and making terroristic threats against them. The accusers include a member of the Air Force, a former friend of the couple, a military veteran and an exotic dancer.

“These women have come forward because there’s a void that has been left in their lives and the people that created the void are Clifford and Tameka Harris. Granted, the void can never be fully filled, but at least it can be put back together if these cases are handled with care, are thoroughly investigated, indictments are executed, and the Harrises are prosecuted,” Blackburn told The Daily Beast.

The Harrises continue to deny allegations against them. Their lawyer, Steve Sadow, told the New York Times that they “deny in the strongest possible terms these baseless and unjustified allegations.”

Allegations against the Harrises date back to 2005 up until 2017, the Times noted.

Allegations Against The Harrises Began Surfacing in January 2021

In January 2021, an Atlanta-based entrepreneur and former friend of Tiny Harris named Sabrina Peterson came forward with allegations that Clifford Harris held a gun to her head in 2009 at a birthday party.

“The sad part about being a woman & BEING A BLACK WOMAN IS THIS!,” she wrote in an Instagram post. “The public PRAISES OUR PREDATORS! @troubleman31 you PUT A GUN TO MY HEAD IN FRONT OF CHILDREN & I NEVER CALLED THE POLICE ON YOU! But for years you have painted me as the VILLAIN!”

After Peterson came forward, she posted on Instagram saying that she was interviewing more victims. She told The Daily Beast that more people began sending her direct messages on social media saying that they have also been assaulted by the couple. Peterson said she then referred them to Blackburn, who is also representing her. Peterson also filed a defamation lawsuit against the Harrises, the Daily Beast noted.

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