Christine Brown Says Kody Thinks 1 Sister Wife Is ‘More Important’ in Video

Christine Brown

TLC Christine Brown on season 17 of "Sister Wives."

The new “Sister Wives” trailer has dropped and in it, Christine Brown reveals that Kody Brown favors one wife over the others.

Here’s what you need to know:

Christine Brown Says Kody Treats Robyn Like She Is More Important: ‘It’s Been Heartbreaking Being Your Wife’

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“Sister Wives” returns on September 11 for a new season with a big change. Following the end of season 16, Christine announced she was leaving Kody. Now, in Season 17 fans will see what happened in those moments.

In the new trailer for the season Christine makes a statement about a fellow sister wife, which sets the rest of the trailer in motion.

“I feel like to Kody, Robyn’s more important,” Christine said in her confessional.

From there we hear from several of the wives, including Robyn.

“There’s some strange things happening between Kody and Christine right now and I’m just supposed to stay out of it,” Robyn says in a confessional.

The trailer then cuts back to Christine and Kody across a table from one another.

“It’s been heartbreaking being your wife for years,” Christine is seen saying to Kody.

The dramatic trailer even shows Kody yelling at Christine in front of Robyn and Janelle, saying “You never really tried to have really good relationships with these other people and that’s the reason I am pissed off. Man, just a knife in the kidney over all these years. The sacrifices that I made to love you.”

Several of the other wives comment on break-up as well.

Janelle is seen saying, “I feel like it’s more of an inevitability coming instead of a ‘let’s try to work this out.'”

And Meri, Kody’s first wife is spotted crying.

“I felt like Christine was more than a sister wife, I felt like she was a friend for a lot of years,” she said.

“I’m not ready for Christine to leave. Hang on with me ok?” Robyn is seen saying to Meri in a separate scene. “I am,” Meri replies with tears welling in her eyes.

Fans Back up Christine Over Kody & Robyn Criticism: ‘A Family Destroyed, and for What?’

Many fans have long since believed Robyn was a catalyst to the problems in the family, often pointing out the ways Kody has favored her over the years.

The comments on the trailer reflect that sentiment.

“Janelle and Meri need to take a good look at the value Christine has for herself and follow suit. Kody cares about himself and Robyn. Robyn seems to be the only one happy in this situation,” someone commented on the YouTube video.

“I want Christine to have her own show now!!” someone wrote. “It would be great to see her life after Sister Wives.. LOVE HER! She can do so much better than always-the-victim Kody.”

A fan said, “Kody is just so toxic. So sad. And Robyn, backing him up, even when he was so glaringly in the wrong?? A family destroyed, and for what?”

“Kody needs to stop, he only wants Robin,” another fan commented. “Some nerve he has, don’t even want sleep with her and expect her to stay. Kick rocks Kody.”

“I’m glad my girl Christine is leaving him because when I watched the show, Kody was giving off that vibe like he really didn’t love her when they first meet so I’m happy for her,” a person wrote in the comments.

“WOW, I didn’t realize how big of a narcissist person he really is,” someone pointed out. “He thinks it’s all about him. Not his wives or kids of the sacrifice they have made just to accommodate his needs only. He sounds borderline like a sociopath. Where he needs full control of people & situations.”

“I’m hoping Christine continues filming life after kody,” someone wrote. “She deserves the best in life I hope and pray Meri and Jenelle leave him next. He seems to favor Robyn over all of them and I think the 3 OG wives deserve so much more.”

“The sacrifices he made to love her?” a fan asked. “Like when he was caught making out with Sobyn (pre marriage) while she was in LABOR? Or when Christine didn’t want him to court another wife while she was pregnant? How about the time her daughter had major surgery, and he didn’t go with her but went to Janelle’s mom’s funeral just after? He’s always treated Christine like garbage, and I’m so here for her glow up.”

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