Tom Sandoval Snaps Back at Ex Kristen Doute

Getty Kristen Doute and Tom Sandoval

Vanderpump Rules star Tom Sandoval had some opinions to say about his ex-girlfriend Kristen Doute. Earlier this year in May, Doute released a book titled He’s Making You Crazy: How to Get the Guy, Get Even and Get Over It. In the memoir, Doute recounts her entire love life, starting with her first kiss.

Doute didn’t use any names in the book, but many Vanderpump Rules fans didn’t need specific names to know who she’s talking about. For a few chapters, the 37-year-old SUR waitress details her past relationship with SUR bartender Tom Sandoval. Even though the book came out six months ago, Sandoval is opening up about how he was portrayed in the book.

“I don’t even know where to begin with that book. I think she was just trying to sell copies,” Sandoval said on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen on Sunday, November 22, as recorded by Us Weekly. “I read that part of it. It was just a lot of inconsistencies. First and foremost being our computer was in our living room and we always had a roommate. I don’t think I remember Kristen ever owning lingerie either. It’s entertaining, I’m sure it’s an entertaining book.”

Doute Said She’s Over Sandoval

Sandoval and Doute dated for six years and two seasons on Vanderpump Rules. The two called it quits after the end of the second season when Doute suspected Sandoval cheated on her with fellow SUR bartender Ariana Madix. Her suspicion followed her discovering that he cheated on her in Las Vegas during a boy’s trip.

“In hindsight, the relationship was already over,” she wrote in He’s Making You Crazy, per People. “I knew it, he knew it, everyone knew it. But we stayed together because it was easier — and because I didn’t want to give up.”

She added, “I made a choice to let everything go, because whether or not I thought those rumors about an illicit rendezvous or two behind my back had been true or not, it didn’t matter anymore. A girl can’t actually steal someone’s boyfriend. He made a free-willed choice to leave me, and a free-willed choice to be with her. I needed to let them be happy. … They needed to find their own path to forgive me.”

Doute Explained Her Feelings Towards Sandoval & Madix

As soon as Doute and Sandoval ended their relationship, Sandoval and Madix went from best friends to boyfriend and girlfriend. The relationship had an immediate impact on Doute, and she wasn’t a fan. In one chapter of the book, Doute details her “last-ditch effort” to break the two apart, per People. She explains how she invited “Miami Girl” to confront Sandoval at SUR. The meeting didn’t go well, but Sandoval and Madix still remain together today.

Over five years later, and the three have worked things out to be friends. Doute even gave Madix a heads-up about writing her book. “I let Ariana read a little bit of it in regarding the chapter that’s about Tom and Ariana. They were both like, you know, ‘Do you girl,'” she told Us Weekly.

When it comes to Sandoval and his unfaithfulness, Doute appears to have moved on. “I don’t know if it even matters anymore,” Doute told People in May. “But at that moment, there was no way that I could see any other way because of what he and I had gone through. That was my opinion at the time. It was like, if he cheated on me with Ariana and cheated on me with other girls, of course he’s going to cheat on his next girlfriend. Once a cheater, always a cheater. That was my mentality during that time. So yeah, I don’t know if it is true or not, but I’m glad that it doesn’t matter anymore.”

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