Tori Deal Addresses Jordan Wiseley Breakup Rumors

Tori Deal Jordan Wiseley

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Fans of The Challenge have been following along with Tori Deal and Jordan Wiseley’s relationship as it developed through various seasons of the show since they first met on The Challenge XXX: Dirty 30 in 2017. The MTV show was so central to their relationship story that Wiseley famously proposed to Deal after winning an elimination on War of the Worlds 2 in 2019.

Update: On November 27, Deal and Wiseley announced that they were separating, with more on that here.

On November 22, Deal took to social media to address rumors that had been circulating about the status of their relationship as some fans wondered if they’d broken up. She replied to a couple of comments about her relationship on a post that she captioned, “There’s beauty in a struggle.” One fan commented, “Okay I don’t wanna be dramatic, but did you and Jordan break up? If so I’m done with 2020. Y’all are my fav.” Deal responded to the comment and wrote, “When Jordan and I are ready to open up we will.”

The rumors have been mostly fueled by the fact that it appeared that the two weren’t spending much time together as Deal has been visiting her family without Wiseley. Others pointed out that Deal hasn’t been wearing her engagement ring. However, fans of the couple will be happy to know that there has been no official news of a breakup and the two appear to still be in a relationship.

Deal also addressed another rumor that was shared on the same Instagram post. One fan wrote, “i hope what I heard is wrong but apparently she cheated On him during the taping of the show,” referring to Double Agents, which will be featuring Deal but not Wiseley. Deal shut down the rumor by responding simply, “fake news.”

The Two Are Still Following Each Other on Instagram, Supporting Each Other’s Endeavors & Commenting on Their Posts

The couple is still following each other on Instagram and commenting on each other’s posts. On November 16, Deal posted a photo of herself and Wiseley commented, “You are so dang pretty.” He also teased her about her Double Agents cast shot and wrote, “That carpet you’re wearing is hella nice babe.” Earlier this month on November 9, he commented on one of her posts advertising a meditation course: “I love you Babe. Keep blazing your trail, it’s an amazing journey.”

On his side, Wiseley posted a photo of himself on November 24 with the caption “Justcheckinin'” with a wave emoji and Deal replied with a heart and a wave. On November 12, he posted a video of himself wrestling and Deal commented “Soooooooooooo dope,” to which Wiseley responded, “[I] have to train so you don’t break me with your sneak attacks.”

Deal Will Be Appearing on ‘The Challenge: Double Agents’ & Hoping to Get Her First Win

Jordan's Life Changing Proposition | The Challenge: War of The Worlds 2A lot of crazy things have gone down on The Challenge but nothing quite like this. After absolutely nailing this elimination, Jordan is posed with a life changing question! #TheChallenge #TheChallenge34 #MTV Subscribe to The Challenge: The Challenge is back, and this time it's all-out war. On The Challenge: War of the Worlds, America's…2019-11-08T21:00:07Z

Deal will be returning for her fifth season on Double Agents, although this one will be without Wiseley. The three-time champ addressed his decision to take a season off from the show on Instagram, telling fans in the comments that he took the season off to film some other projects but is expecting to return in the future.

Although Deal has made it to two finals, she hasn’t quite managed to pull off a win, just barely missing out from joining the winning four, including her fiance Wiseley, in War of the Worlds 2. She also made it to the final on her rookie season, XXX: Dirty 30. On the last season, Total Madness, Deal was sent packing earlier than she’d hoped after facing Jenna Compono in an extremely close elimination.

The Challenge: Double Agents premieres on Wednesday, December 9 at 8 p.m. ET/PT and

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