Twitter Investigating ‘Irregularity’ with APIs While Service Remains Down

Twitter Down

Getty Is Twitter down?

Twitter is currently down. Twitter announced that it is investigating an unresolved incident that involves “irregularity with Twitter APIs” as a possible source of the problem. Thousands of Twitter users across the United States are reporting issues with the service, starting around 5:45 p.m. Eastern on Thursday, October 15. Twitter later said the outage was not related to a hack or security breach.

Although some people outside the U.S. are also reporting issues, the majority of the errors are in the U.S. However, people in the U.K. are also beginning to report issues as the issue grows.

Twitter’s official status notes that there is an “active incident” with the platform right now that they are investigating. Its API status notes that part of the problem involves an irregularity with Twitter APIs.

Here’s what you need to know.

Twitter Is Investigating an ‘Active Incident’ Involving an ‘Irregularity’ with APIs

Twitter’s status page at first noted that all systems were operational, not indicating any issue as of 5:58 p.m. Eastern. But that soon changed.


By 6:16 p.m. Eastern, the official status was updated to read a Service Disruption and an Active Incident occurring.

Twitter Status

Twitter wrote about the issue: “[Investigating] We know people are having trouble Tweeting and using Twitter. We’re working to fix this issue as quickly as possible.”

Twitter’s API status also notes issues, reporting that it is investigating irregularity with Twitter APIs. The site promises, “More updates to come.”

Twitter API Status

The site later updated, noting “We are continuing to monitor as our teams investigate. More updates to come.”

A Spike in Issues Started in the Late Afternoon on October 15

According to Down Detector, there’s been a huge spike in issues reported after 5 p.m. So if you were wondering if you have been shadowbanned on Twitter, the answer is no. The problem is widespread.

Down Detector

By 6:15 p.m. Eastern, the problems had increased, with Down Detector’s spike in reported issues growing from 22,000 to more than 53,000.

Down Detector

Down Detector’s live outage map shows the majority of the issues are being reported in the United States.

Down Detector

The Issues Include ‘Over Capacity’ & ‘Technically Wrong’ Error Messages

Heavy noted that one of the issues is simply not being able to load the timeline feed. Heavy was able to log into Twitter just fine, but then saw a “Something’s wrong” message when the feed wouldn’t load.


Others have reported receiving “over capacity” messages. One person on Reddit shared a screenshot of the message.


Still others have noticed their timeline is simply blank or reading “Nothing to see here — yet.” Others are getting a “cannot retrieve tweets at this time” error message or they couldn’t refresh their timeline.

Twitter being broken for everyone else too? from Twitter

Others got a “something is technically wrong” error message that notes: “Thanks for noticing – we’re going to fix it up and have things back to normal soon.”


Still others noted “fail to send” errors.

The problem is affecting both desktop web versions and the iOS and Android apps, according to users sharing the issues they are encountering. An early indication of issues was seen when notifications stopped working, but now other parts of the platform are affected for many users, too.

Twitter Had an Internal Configuration Issue in 2019

Back in July 2019 when Twitter went down for nearly an hour, the problem was caused by an internal configuration change. In February 2020 when Twitter was briefly down, Twitter Support said it was due to a “partial service disruption.”

The issues on October 15 began after days of controversy involving the platform, including a New York Post article and accusations of bias from Republicans. It had banned a New York Post article from being shared on its platform, noting that it doesn’t allow people to distribute stories about information shared from “possibly illegally obtained materials.” But Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said the incident was not handled well, Business Insider reported.

Where do you go to complain when Twitter is down, since Twitter is where most people go when other sites are down? Many people turn to the Twitter subreddit. In 2019 when Twitter was down for an hour, the subreddit had a record 8,000 people online at the same time. Right now, there are 8,000 people on the subreddit once again.

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