NBA 2K22: MyTeam Introducing New Holo Cards and More

NBA 2K22

In NBA 2K21, the highest MyTeam card levels were Dark Matter and Galaxy Opal. NBA 2K22 will be adding another layer with the addition of Holo Cards and professional grades.

In addition to that, the MyTeam mode is also making a serious change by eliminating bronze and silver cards.

Take a look at the breakdown for each of these areas.

NBA 2K22 MyTeam Holo Cards Explained

According to the Courtside Report provided on Wednesday and published on Thursday, 2K described the new MyTeam Holo Card feature as followed:

What are the rarest cards in MyTEAM? In NBA 2K22 this may not just be a Galaxy Opal Stephen Curry or a Dark Matter LeBron James, but Holo versions of these players. EVERY auction-able Player Card in MyTEAM will have the opportunity to become a Holo version when it is opened from the Pack Market. These rare versions are the ultimate flex in your collection, and to show-off to the community when playing online. While Holo Player Cards have the same attributes and badges as their common versions, there will be certain Agendas and Lineup rules that can require the use of these rare and special cards. So be on the lookout for Holo versions of your favorite players when sniping on the Auction House!

So, if I’m understanding Holo Cards properly, they aren’t replacing Dark Matter or Galaxy Opals, but they are potentially more valuable versions of these important items. From the sound of the description, there will likely be some valuable rewards attached to specific tasks that can only be competed with Holo versions of certain cards.

I like the scavenger hunt concept, but my skepticism comes in with relation to the details. How difficult will Holo cards be to find and how much of a grind will these challenges be to complete?

The answer to one or both of those questions could dictate the level of enjoyment for this new wrinkle to the MyTeam mode.

NBA 2K22 MyTeam: Professionally Graded Cards Explained

Based on this explanation of professionally graded cards, I’m unsure if this is going to be great or something consumers struggle to feel the impact.

The courtside report says:

What if you wanted to get more out of the player cards in your lineup? To add another new layer to every Player Card in MyTEAM, you can now send these cards to be professionally graded! After some time passes to carefully grade each card, our experts will send back your Player Cards, freshly sealed, and minted with a grade. The highest grade you can receive is a flawless 10, but every graded card returns to your lineup with Bonus MTP in every game played. So, when playing your daily Pick-Up Challenge, are you maximizing your MTP earned with graded cards? Similar to Holo Player Cards, only auction-able Player Cards are able to be graded, so be on the lookout for highly-graded auction listings from the community!

My questions for this feature are aplenty. What is the criteria for a professionally graded card? Is the card unusable during the evaluation? It would seem we need some additional onboarding with this feature because much of it seems unclear.

NBA 2K22 MyTeam Will Not Have Bronze or Silver Cards

Removing bronze and silver cards causes me some trepidation. I’m already of the mind that MyTeam becomes far too packed with super-human cards by February, and if we’re removing the bottom tier cards in the mode, does that mean we’re seeing even less balance or more?

Here is the breakdown from the Courtside Report:

Something you will NOT see in MyTEAM at all this year, Bronze and Silver Player Cards have been removed from the game. All players are now Gold tier and higher, with all of the previous years’ gems returning above that precious metal. Now, some of the keen-eyed members of the community are probably wondering about some of the players you’re seeing labeled as MyTEAM Base Set. These aren’t fake Player Cards for this Courtside Report, these current and historical players will make up, well, the Base Set of MyTEAM to start the year! We’re looking forward to dropping Current: Series 1 when the NBA Season gets underway, but for this first portion of the year you can fill out your lineup with likes of…. Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Allen Iverson, Tracy McGrady, and even Yao Ming! Yes, MOST of the all-time greats of the sport are represented in the Base Set of MyTEAM, ready to be experienced by any and all dropping into the mode! Beyond the names are 45 different Dynamic Duos to begin the year, with each franchise getting one Duo, plus 15 additional Duos that span across locker rooms to the other teams.

Unfortunately, while there was a good deal of information shared by 2K on the MyTeam mode, a lot of the details created more questions. Quite frankly, with the game releasing on September 10, I’m not sure there is enough time to get answers before the product is released.

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