WEC 50: Cruz vs. Benavidez II Main Card Results

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The evening’s event features a ¬†bantamweight title fight between champion Dominick Cruz and top contender Joseph Benavidez. Also on the card, lightweights Anthony Pettis and Shane Roller battle to potentially determine the next challenger for WEC 155-pound champion Benson Henderson.

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Main Card Results

Zach Micklewright vs. Bart Palaszewski

Round 1: Palaszewski looks to be the aggressor, landing 4 inside leg kicks. Palaszewski continues to work on Zack’s lead leg. Both men exchange, and Zack lands a solid punch but Palaszewski is able to shake it off. They clinch against the cage, with both men circling and exchanging positions. The referee breaks them up and Zack now throws an inside leg kick. Both men are exchanging leather, but Palaszewski appears to be getting the better of the of the two. Palaszewski is using great head movement to make Zack miss. Micklewright comes in with a knee and catches Palaszewski low in the groin. After a reset, Palaszewski catches Micklewright in the groin with a kick. Once again we reset, and Micklewright stuffs a Palaszewski take down attempt. Palaszewski lands a solid right hand, followed by a head kick. The round ends with both men trading strikes in the center of the cage.

Round 2: Palaszewski lands a big right, followed by a head kick. He unleashes a flurry with Micklewright against the cage. Palaszewski drops Micklewright with a big right hand, and the referee stops the contest. Bart Palaszewski defeats Zack Micklewright by TKO at :31 of Round 2.

Scott Jorgensen vs. Brad Pickett

Round 1: Jorgensen lands a leg kick, and Pickett immediately follows with a right hand that drops Scott. They clinch against the cage, and Jorgensen lands an uppercut. They clinch against the cage again. They separate and Pickett lands a 1-2 combo. Pickett eats a few Jorgensen jabs. Jorgensen lands another solid jab. Pickett throws a weak uppercut. Jorgensen catches Pickett with a shot to the body, and follows it with strikes to the head. After a brief exchange, Jorgensen gets the take down. Jorgensen has side control, while Pickett has a head lock. Jorgensen gets his head free and drops short elbows to Pickett’s head. Pickett manages to get to his feet. Pickett lands a flying knee. Jorgensen continues to land his jab. The round ends with both men trading shots.

Round 2: Both men come out firing to start the round. They are each landing decent shots, but no one seems to be getting the better of the other man. Jorgensen lands a sold right that knocks out Pickett’s mouth piece. Pickett counters with a right of his own. Stiff jab by Pickett. Pickett manages to avoid a Jorgensen take down attempt. Jorgensen then catches a knee by Pickett that is ruled too low. They restart in the center of the ring and trade huge shots. Both men giving and absorbing big punishment. Jorgensen secures the take down and ends up in Pickett’s guard. Jorgensen lands short elbows from the top. Pickett scrambles to his feet. The round ends with Pickett attempting to take down Jorgensen against the cage, but getting nowhere.

Round 3: This round is no differenct as both men continue to stand and trade. Cut under Pickett’s left eye is starting to swell. Jorgensen uses his jab to set up his right hand. He secures the take down and winds up in Pickett’s guard. Pickett works to secure Jorgensen’s head to avoid his ground and pound. Pickett tries to secure a triangle, but Jorgensen slips out easily. They rise to their feet. They exchange right hands. Jorgensen manages to drag Pickett down and fall into his guard again. Pickett tries to stand up, as he knows that this is not the spot to be in to try and win this fight. Jorgensen moves into side control, dropping knees to Pickett’s ribs. Jorgensen takes Pickett’s back and attempts to get the hooks in. Brad turns into Jorgensen’s guard, and the round ends. Scott Jorgensen defeats Brad Pickett by Unanimous Decision 30-27, 30-27, 30-27

Chad Mendes vs. Cub Swanson

Round 1: Feeling out process by both men to start the fight. Mendes lands a big left hook. After a brief exchange, Chad scores with a right hand. Mendes secures the take down and has side control. Mendes is controlling Swanson, but not really doing anything with his position. He lands a right from the top. The referee stands them up. Mendes with a big right hand as Cub throws a body kick. Both men dance around the center of the cage. Mendes catches a Swanson body kick and takes him down. Swanson gets back to his feet. The round ends with Mendes scoring a take down thanks to a Swanson flying knee that didn’t connect.

Round 2: Mendes connects with a leg kick, then shoots in and takes Cub down. Swanson is able to get back to his feet. Both men continue to dance around. Cub lands a good right, then misses with a jumping roundhose. He scores with a right to the body, and a left uppercut. Swanson with a leg kick. Swanson lands a right hand and they clinch. Mendes sweeps and takes him down. Mendes ends up in Cub’s guard. Mendes lands a big elbow from the top. They scramble on the ground as Cub attempts to get to his feet. Mendes again lands in Cub’s guard. Cub scrambles to his feet and lands a knee to Mendes’ head. The round comes to an end.

Round 3: After a brief exchange, Mendes gets the take down and lands in a familiar position, Cub’s guard. Cub manages to get back to his feet. Cub lands a leg kick, misses with a right hand that opens him up for a Mendes take down. Mendes moves from half guard to mount, almost securing a head and arm choke in the process. Cub throws punches from the bottom, and manages to secure Mendes back into his guard. Mendes continues to control Cub on the ground. Swanson scrambles to his feet and is immediately slammed down again by Mendes. Cub once again gets back to his feet. With 30 seconds to go, Cub looks to press the action but is taken down by Mendes yet again. The round comes to a close with Mendes in Cub’s guard. Chad Mendes defeats Cub Swanson by unanimous decision, 30-27, 29-28, 29-28

Anthony Pettis vs. Shane Roller

Round 1: Roller shoots in and goes for the take down. Pettis manages to stay on the feet. Shane throws a wide left to set up his take down. Again, Pettis stuffs it. They work against the cage. Pettis lands a right as they separate. Pettis just misses on a leaping left head kick. Roller again tries for a take down and is unsuccessful. Pettis forces him against the cage. Pettis manages to score the take down briefly, they both scramble to their feet. Pettis lands a solid 1-2 combo. Pettis again forces Shane against the cage. Pettis lands a nice right hand. Shane forces Pettis against the cage. Pettis answer back with a head kick, followed by punches that startle Roller a bit. Roller regains composure and forces Pettis against the cage. Pettis gets the underhooks and lands a knee to Roller’s head. The round comes to a close with Pettis missing a head kick.

Round 2: Roller again attempts a take down, but he can’t get it. Pettis lands a leg kick. Followed by an even harder one. Roller attempts a punch to lead into a take down, and Pettis manages to get the upper hand and winds up in Roller’s guard. Pettis works Roller’s body. Pettis works from the top, landing short punches. He continues to work Roller’s body. Pettis lands a couple stiff shots from the top. They scramble to their feet, and Roller is now the one landing shots on the feet. He presses Pettis up against the cage. Roller finally drags Pettis down, and winds up in mount. Pettis escapes beautifully and winds up in side control, but not before landing a solid shot. They both get back to their feet and the round ends.

Round 3: Pettis lands a leg kick, as Roller begins to press and stalk him. He goes for a double leg and picks Pettis up and takes him down. They scramble around on the ground, and Roller falls into a Pettis triangle attempt. He quickly slips out. Finally, Roller ends up in half guard. They continue to scramble on the ground, and finally, both men get back to their feet. Pettis lands a stiff leg kick, followed by a right hand. He then manages to get the take down. After pressing against the cage, they get back to their feet. Pettis lands another leg kick. And again. He then scores the take down. Roller goes for a guillotine, but Pettis escapes. Pettis then, in the scramble, slaps on a triangle. Roller taps. Anthony Pettis defeats Shane Roller via triangle at 4:51 of Round 3.

Bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz vs. Joseph Benavidez

Round 1: Little bit of a slow start as both men try to feel each other out. Benavidez wants to try and get a handle on Cruz’s awkward style. Cruz drops Benavidez with a right hand. Benavidez gets back up, Cruz lands a punch to the stomach. They clinch against the cage. Cruz lands a knee to Benavidez’s head. Cruz with a knee to the body. They break. Benavidez with a flurry but doesn’t connect. Cruz with a leg kick. Both men are swinging hard, but missing. Cruz lands a leg kick, but Benavidez answers with a big right hand. Cruz scores a take down. Benavidez works butterfly guard. The round ends with Cruz on top, both men active on the ground.

Round 2: Benavidez and Cruz continue to swing away, just missing each other. Benavidez attempts a guillotine but Cruz slips out. Cut on Benavidez’s forehead. Cruz lands a solid body kick. Cruz continues to use his footwork to avoid Benavidez’s strikes. However, Benavidez is doing a great job of avoiding Cruz’s strikes. Flurry by Benavidez misses, and he misses on a single leg take down. Solid leg kick by Benavidez, working a single leg against the cage for a take down. Cruz escapes. Cruz lands a flying knee. Both men collide in the center of the cage, trying to swing on each other. Cruz scores a take down but Benavidez immediately pops back up. The round ends with both men clinching against the cage.

Round 3: More of the same, Cruz dances around and both men try to land. Cruz drops Benavidez to a knee with a right. Benavidez with a leg kick. Benavidez attempts a multitude of kicks, all of which Cruz dances around. Benavidez forces Cruz against the cage for a single leg, Cruz escapes. After some unsuccessful exchanges, they clinch against the cage. Neither man can get the advantage. Benavidez with a leg kick. Another leg kick which causes Cruz to stumble. Benavidez appears to be finding his range. Benavidez lands a body punch. Cruz scores the take down as the round comes to a close.

Round 4: Both men exchange in the middle, leading to Cruz getting the take down. Cruz ends up in side control. Benavidez moves him to his guard. Cruz works on Benavidez’s body. Cruz maintains his position on Benavidez. He attempts an arm bar, and Benavidez is able to escape back to his feet. Cruz manages to get control of Benavidez They scramble and Benavidez works for a guillotine. Cruz gets out and forces Benavidez against the cage. Benavidez lands a knee to Cruz’s head. They continue to clinch against the cage. Cruz scores the take down. Cruz moves to side control. Cruz moves to mount, and tries to take Benavidez’s back. Benavidez slips out. they get back to their feet, Cruz being forced against the cage by Benavidez. The round comes to an end.

Round 5: Cruz attempts a take down and Benavidez stuffs it. Both men exchange body shots. They dance around the cage, neither man able to land anything. Cruz misses with a flying knee. Both men continue to miss each other with their strikes. Benavidez with a leg kick. Benavidez lands a spinning back fist after a Cruz body kick. Another flurry that leads nowhere. Most of the round is spent with both men attempting to hit each other, but not really landing anything noteworthy. Benavidez misses a kick and Cruz scores the take down. The round comes to a close with Dominick on top. Dominick Cruz defeats Joseph Benavidez by split decision 48-47, 47-48, 49-46