Melendez Decisions Masvidal, Cyborg Destroys Yamanaka

Gilbert Melendez

Melendez vs. Masvidal live results, blog and analysis

SAN DIEGO, Ca – is live and on the scene for tonight’s “Strikeforce: Melendez vs. Masvidal” event in San Diego.

The event takes place at the Valley View Casino Center – formerly known as the San Diego Sports Arena – in San Diego. It features a Strikeforce lightweight title fight between champ Gilbert Melendez and Jorge Masvidal.

Our live coverage will begin at 5:30 p.m. ET.

CHRIS BROWN VS. HERMAN TERRADO: Herman Terrado took one astounding ass-whipping throughout the majority of this fight. He gassed early and, once he realized he couldn’t get a takedown on Chris Brown, was really nothing more than a punching back for Brown’s unorthodox and often just-plain-terrible striking. But as always, you can’t count out anyone in MMA, no matter how badly they’ve been beaten. Down three points due to a docked point for an illegal upkick, Terrado finally secured a takedown halfway through the final fame, worked his way to mount and then got what I can only term a miracle armbar at just over 4 minutes into the third round. It was the very definition of a come-from-behind win, or better yet, an out-of-nowhere win. Herman Terrado d. Chris Brown via submission, round 3

Terrado: “He was a lot more durable than I thought he was.  He hits good.  Didn’t think he was as tough as he was.  He got tired that third round.  That’s when I really listened to my corner and gained my composure.  I was just waiting for an opening, an opportunity.  I got him down, pounded him a little and was able to get the armbar.  Very tough guy.  Lot of respect.  I want to thank STRIKEFORCE for giving me the opportunity to show my skills in front of my hometown.  I love this crowd and this city.”

Brown: “I was controlling the first two rounds.  Had an adrenaline dump in round three.  I took It down and tried to get in a dominant position.  I left my arm out there and he got me.”

FERNANDO GONZALEZ VS. EDDIE MENDEZ: Mendez didn’t hold much of an advantage in this fight. But then again, neither did Gonzalez. Both guys were slippery after the first round and so neither could score the submissions they wanted. Mostly what we got here were two guys brawling who weren’t all that good at it. In the end, Mendez takes a split decision. Eddie Mendez d. Fernando Gonzalez via split decision.

Mendez: “An old injury kept me from doing some of the things I really wanted to do, but I was happy to win.  He came to fight.  He was down for striking, down for rolling around.  He’s got a heck of a head.  I figured that out half way through the second round.  Just tried to gut out the win.  The fight goes the way it goes.  I’m not going to argue with the judges.”

Gonzalez: “I tired after the first round.  Got him with a good elbow in the first, and thought I won that round.  I stayed away in the 2nd and I think in the judges’ eyes that’s where the fight changed.  Came out in the third and stepped it up, got more aggressive. Thought I won 2-1 but that’s not always how it goes.  Judges don’t always see it the way you do.”

DEVIN COLE VS. GABRIEL SALINAS-JONES: Oh man, this fight was terrible. The less said here, the better.  Cole’s wrestling was too much for GSJ (a new nickname I literally just made up for him), and though the former Challengers product didn’t look good, it was enough to wrestle him to victory. On the plus side, he looked significantly healthier than he has in previous fights, likely due to the presence of nutrition guru Mike Dolce in his corner. Devin Cole d. Gabriel Salinas-Jones via unanimous decision

Cole: “The game plan was to tire him in the first, which I did.  Then I got poked in the eye in the second round and I couldn’t see until half-way through the third round.  That threw off my game plan and had to settle for grinding out the win.  I still tried to finish him but it was tough considering I couldn’t see that well for six or seven minutes.  Still it was a good win over a tough opponent.”

GSJ: “I need to wrestle more.  I’ve never wrestled.  I’ve been able to get far, but the higher I get, the more well-rounded I need to be and the harder I need to train.  I need to hire a good wrestling coach.  Devin is a good wrestler and that got me.”

ROGER BOWLING VS. JERRON PEOPLES: Peoples came in 10.5 pounds over the 170-pound welterweight limit. Actually, his camp got Bowling to agree to a 179-pound catchweight fight, and he still missed that by a full 1.5 pounds. He had sweet entrance music with “Like A Virgin” and a horrible purple haircut thing, but that was his most interesting contribution to the night. Roger Bowling knocked him out in 42 seconds to liven up the crowd a bit and get things rolling here at the arena again. Roger Bowling d. Jerron Peoples via KO, round 1 (0:42)

Bowling: “ I was real emotional at the weigh-ins because he came in so overweight.  I just thought it was really unprofessional to not make weight.  I wanted to come out and punish him.  I came out with a lot of emotion, probably too much emotion.  I needed to be a little more relaxed. I took this fight  on three weeks’ notice and obviously happy with the result.”

Peoples: “There is no excuse for coming in overweight.  I’m very apologetic, very embarrassed.  Added a lot of stress to today.  I had an ankle injury five days ago and it made it tough to cut weight.  No excuses though.  I blew my opportunity and I’m very disappointed I let everyone down.  I’ve never been knocked out in my life and I got caught.  Everything that’s gone on this week really led to this outcome.”

CAROS FODOR VS. JUSTIN WILCOX: Fodor is the brother of Phoenix Jones, the Seattle man who dresses up as a superhero and fights crime. He fought Justin Wilcox here, but only briefly, dropping him to the canvas with a nasty right behind the ear (also known as The Punch of Death) and then landing approximately 10 unanswered shots to the side of the head before the ref stepped in to save the day. Quick fight and a big win for a solid underdog going into the fight. Caros Fodor d. Justin Wilcox via TKO, round 1 (0:13)

Fodor: “I trained hard for this fight.  Justin was my toughest opponent to date.  I was nervous out there.  It was all kind of a blur.  He went in for a fake, I caught him and saw him go down face first.  I wanted to keep him on the ground and make sure he didn’t get up.  It was my first knockout.  We planned for a 15-minute bout and thought we would need to grind out a win against Justin.  I believe I’m one fight away from a title shot.  I have a tremendous amount of respect for Gilbert (Melendez).  I believe he will win tonight and I want the opportunity to fight for the title.”

Wilcox: “I got caught.  I got hit behind the ear and couldn’t do anything about it.”

As a side note, referee John McCarthy is one of the judges tonight, along with a very red-haired Gene Lebell, Cecil Peoples and someone else I do not recognize in the slightest.

Former WEC announcer Joe Martinez is the new Strikeforce ring announcer, replacing Jimmy Lennon Jr. Good upgrade in that department.

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