Take A Trip To Zombieland


It’s not so often that I’m psyched enough about a movie to, you know, read about it on the Internet. Usually I just watch a trailer, get semi-frothed, and go see it. But man, am I alone in thinking that Zombieland might just be what the world needs to get us out of the Goddamned horror remake slump? Instead of retreading old ground with more gore and less wit, it pushes the genre into the rarely-treaded post-apocalypse territory. But Zombieland doesn’t give the big kiss-off to everything about horror, as it keeps one important thing: a great location. Forgoing the cities and malls of Day of the Dead, Zombieland instead takes place in an abandoned Georgia amusement park, where a ragtag crew of survivors must fend off brain-hungry infected who move at the brisk 28 Days Later pace. Is this the first zombie movie set in the South? They do have more guns there, you know. And how’s this for Method acting: star Woody Harrelson got arrested for attacking a paparazzo at La Guardia Airport. His defense? He was still in character and thought the photog was a zombie. Still not sold? Check the trailer.

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