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Hot Tub Time Machine

It’s time once again to take some movies home to love and hug and cuddle and mercilessly pick apart for perceived defects and leave on in the background while you surf the Internet and you know, enjoy. It’s a huge week for DVD/Blu-Ray releases, so I’m going to skip any jokery and just dive right in.

Hot Tub Time Machine – Any child of the 80s is basically going to need to own this movie, one of the funniest melanges of time-travel wish fulfillment, “I wish I could be young again” midlife crisisery and goony slacker humor I’ve seen in a good long time. A spectacular cast, including Rob Corddry who breaks out as a potential big-screen star and Crispin Glover in a great bit part as… wait for it… a sort of creepy dude! My only complaints were that John Cusack basically plays John Cusack, but what else do you expect? Watch the trailer or read our review.

Percy Jackson And The Olympians: The Lighting Thief – This was supposed to be the next Harry Potter – based on a similar series of wish-fulfillment young adult books about kids with Powers Beyond The Ken Of Mortal Men, it didn’t rise to the catastrophic success of its inspiration, but it delivered its share of mythological thrills. Young Percy is the son of Poseidon, Greek god of the sea, and when he realizes his heritage he’s sucked into a plot to retrieve the lost thunderbolts of Zeus. Watch the trailer.

The Crazies – This remake of a forgotten George Romero classic actually improves on the original – a rare occurrence in these times. Timothy Olyphant and Radha Mitchell star as a couple who has to deal with both a biowarfare exposure event turning everybody in their sleepy little town into psychopathic killers and the omnipresent threat of the US military trying to prevent anybody who knows about the situation from escaping. Watch the trailer or read our review.

The Warlords – This Chinese-produced action flick set during the Taiping Rebellion looks seriously awesome – Jet Li, Andy Lau and Wu Yang play a trio of bandits who bond together and are driven apart in some incredible battles. If you’ve got a hunger for old-school martial arts action, this is your jam. Watch the trailer.

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