Top 5 Best Songs About Thomas Rhett’s Wife

Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren Akins

Country music singer Thomas Rhett attends the 2017 iHeartRadio Music Awards with his wife Lauren Akins at The Forum on March 5, 2017 in Inglewood, California.

What’s a Thomas Rhett song without the lyrics about his wife Lauren Akins? Not only is she the main star in his music videos, but she’s the inspiration behind some of his biggest hits, too. Have you ever seen how much he swoons over her when he talks about her? It’s pretty much the cutest thing ever.

The two of them got married back in 2012, but they were actually high school sweethearts before that. They met each other in the first grade. They actually just announced in February 2017 that they’re expecting a baby girl. What’s crazy about that news is that they told the world about that on the same day they spilled that they’re adopting another child from Africa, too. How adorable is that?

Rhett’s not afraid to talk about his ladylove, either. He’s actually said in interviews before that if it wasn’t for her he would’ve never been successful and that she’s his biggest fan. Perhaps that’s why he seems to always write songs about her? Ah, what a lucky gal.

Below is a list of the best Rhett songs that are about and inspired by Akins. Get ready to swoon.

5. “Vacation” (2015), Thomas Rhett

Thomas Rhett – Vacation (Instant Grat Video)Click here for his latest release TANGLED UP Listen on Spotify: Music video by Thomas Rhett performing Vacation. (C) 2015 The Valory Music Co., LLC #ThomasRhett #Vacation #vevo #country #vevoofficial2015-08-28T04:01:01.000Z

This fun song of Rhett’s was released on June 13, 2016, and is on his Tangled Up album. While the lyrics to this track aren’t as lovey-dovey as his other ones about his wife, she is the star in the “Vacation” video. The fun they’re having together in the clips just show how in love they are with each other, no cute words neccessary.

Seeing Rhett’s wife as the leading lady in his music videos shouldn’t be surprising, though. During an interview with, Rhett explained why we’ll never see him with a video vixen.

“I was just very adamant with the record label and with my video producer, just saying, ‘Look man, it’s not a big deal. It’s just not really me to be all over some girl in a music video,’” he said. “Even if they are the nicest people in the world, it’s just not really what I do.”

Hey, you have to respect that, right?

Learn more about “Vacation” here.

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4. “Something To Do With My Hands” (2012), Thomas Rhett

Thomas Rhett – Something To Do With My Hands (Official Video)Get Thomas Rhett's new album "It Goes Like This" now: iTunes: Amazon: Click to subscribe: Thomas Rhett – Something To Do With My Hands (Official Video) ——————————————- Lyrics: Well I smoke and I fish But not near enough to satisfy an itch Of a girl, understand I need something…2012-04-30T07:00:12.000Z

This track was released in February 2012 as the first single from his debut album, It Goes Like This. And if “Something To Do With My Hands” sounds a little sexy to you, that’s exactly what Akins told her husband she thought about the song, too.

She apparently told Rhett that even though “Something to Do with My Hands” was about her, that it was too saucy and overly sex-driven, and that he needed to write sweeter songs. With lyrics like, I don’t work, on a car and I’m as bad at pool as I am at throwin’ darts, and golf, not a fan. But I need something to do with my hands so maybe I could stick ’em in your pockets, run ’em through your hair, and we can get to rockin’ there you are and baby, here I am, and I need something to do with my hands…,” you can kind of see her point.

Cue the other songs on the list…

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3. “The Way Things Go” (2014), Thomas Rhett

VideoVideo related to top 5 best songs about thomas rhett’s wife2017-03-17T04:43:29-04:00

Now this song may be from the hit movie “Best of Me,” but that doesn’t mean Rhett doesn’t kill the track with his romantic lyrics like the usuals on his albums. There’s no proof out there that this song is about his wife, but once you read the lyrics, it’s sort of obvious that it is.

“And I coulda swore back when I was 15 I’d go to college and get my business degree, I never made it that far God put a big old wrench in my plans and he put this guitar in my hands. So much for crystal balls and wishin’ on stars, as you’re watchin’ them fall to the ground. Yeah you can dream big and you can dream small but it all comes down to the luck of the draw so I found. Cause it’s gonna rain as soon as you wash your car and as sure as you go on and give up your heart a curve gets thrown, that’s the way things go. I woulda tattooed her name on my arm
If you would’ve asked me I’d bet the whole damn farm, and more on us so much for her being my meant to be. ‘Cause she changed her mind like the wind and the joke was on me, she left me in the dust, but if she hadn’t left my heart black and blue, I woulda never found you,” he sings.

Rhett and his wife met in the first grade, and fell in love when they were just teenagers, and after they both tried to date other people. They got married when they were young and shortly after they got together, and of course, they have been happy ever after. See why we assume it’s about her?

Learn more about “The Way Things Go” here.

Learn more about Thomas Rhett here.

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2. “Star of the Show” (2016), Thomas Rhett

Thomas Rhett – Star Of The ShowClick here to purchase “Star of the Show” on iTunes / Google Play: Click here to purchase “Star of the Show” on Amazon: Click here to listen to “Star of the Show” on Apple Music: Click here to listen to “Stay of the Show” on Spotify: Music video by Thomas Rhett…2016-11-12T05:01:00.000Z

“Star of the Show,” is the fifth single from his 2015 sophomore album, Tangled Up, and the only single released from the deluxe edition of the project. Rhett wrote the song right after he married Akins in 2012. He recently admitted that he might need to find new song subject matter soon.

“I feel like I write way too many songs about her, and, at some point, I’m going to have to stop putting those songs out,” Rhett told The “But for now, it’s just a really cool thing; it’s great to hear those songs on the radio and be sitting with her in the car and be like, ‘That’s about you.’”

Of course, Rhett’s leading lady is in this song’s music video, too. Cutest couple ever? We think so.

Learn more about “Star Of The Show” here.

Learn more about Thomas Rhett here.

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1. “Die a Happy Man” (2015), Thomas Rhett

VideoVideo related to top 5 best songs about thomas rhett’s wife2017-03-17T04:43:29-04:00

In 2015, Rhett released “Die A Happy Man” from his Tangled Up album. It topped our list because it’s simply Akins’ favorite song her husband has written about her. The lyrics are about a man talking to his wife, explaining that all he needs in his life is her love and that if she is all he has, he could “die a happy man.”

The track was written after Rhett’s wife informed him that he didn’t write enough ‘sweet’ songs. She apparently told him that “Something to Do with My Hands” was too sexy, and another tune of his, “Crash and Burn,” was far too depressing. So she asked him to create a sweet song instead. How did he respond? Her husband, clearly pleased with himself when he wrote “Die A Happy Man,” sent along the demo at 4 AM on a tour bus. Her reaction? She said that it was “hands down” one of the best songs he’d ever written.

Fans seemed to agree with her on that, too. The song top basically ever country music chart out there shortly after it was released. And yes, that’s his wife in the music video, too. They shot it in Hawaii where they actually honeymooned at after their big day.

Rhett actually has big wedding day dreams for this particular song. He told that, “There’s a song on the record called ‘Die a Happy Man’ that I hope one day becomes a lot of people’s wedding songs. It’s a super, super, super love song,” he said, adding sweetly, “I wrote it about my wife.”

Learn more about “Die A Happy Man” here.

Learn more about Thomas Rhett here.

Read the lyrics for “Die A Happy Man” here.

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