20 Pictures that will Tingle Your Spine and Give You Goosebumps

Some pictures have a special quality, they can make you feel strong emotions.

Higher than the Clouds.

clouds from a mountain

Space is Beautiful.

Star Cluster Pismis 24

A Chapel on a Hill.


The Tortoise (technically a turtle)

turtle swimming

And the Hare.

leaping hare

Earth is so Small.

the long road home

True Wealth.


Time Goes on and on.


A Valid Point.


Our Animal Cousins.


Dad Looks at Adversity with a Smile. 

Father DGAF

Earth as a Journey.


Where the Water Meets Sand.


President Obama in the Rosa Parks Bus. 

Barack Obama in the Rosa Park Bus

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It does take awhile though. 


A Man and his Son Over Time. 

60 years apart

What’s Really Beneath the Surface of Mars. 


Sweet Isolation. 

Isolated House

Man Goes to Space. 


Speaks for Itself.


<h2> If these pictures didn’t do the trick, we guarantee these videos will!</h2>

curated from reddit.com, mainly r/frisson.

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