Brazilian Man Becomes a Demon with Eyeball Tattoos

Didn’t get enough attention as a child and really want people to stare 24/7? Eyeball tattoos are the way to go. Hey, it worked for this dude in Brazil! Just a heads up though, you might be crying black ink for about a month. No biggie though, right?

brazilian man cries ink after eye tattoo

Rodrigo Fernando dos Santos, 39, has over 70 percent of his body tattooed but to really go full badass he knew he’d have to shoot some black ink into the whites of his eyes. METAL BABY!!! The procedure uses a special type of syringe that injects permanent black ink between the conjunctiva and sclera layer that protects the eye. Sounds delightful.

Rodrigo who goes by the name “Mosquito” (of course he would) paid his buddy Rafael Leao Dias $500 dollars for the eyeball injections and researched the procedure for two years. Because if you’re going to shoot black ink into your eyes you had better do more than scan a Wikipedia article.

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eyeball tatoos

Oddly enough, people have been ruining their eyes with tattoos for almost 2,000 years but the type of injection used for Rodrigo’s tattoo wasn’t developed until six years ago in Toronto. If the idea of somebody STICKING A NEEDLE INTO YOUR FREAKIN’ EYEBALL doesn’t make you instantly crawl into the fetal position and weep, you should also know that the procedure can result in blindness. Tattoo needles in the eye can result in blindness? Shocking!

Via The Local

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