Confession Bear Meme and Reddit Lead to Murder Confession

Last Saturday, a Reddit user posted the below meme of “Confession Bear” that wasn’t so funny, as it was basically a murder confession. The Redditor who goes by the name of Naratto took the post down promptly, but not before Reddit could do what Reddit does — take a screen shot and then dig for all of his personal info.


Was it all a not-so-funny Internet joke, or did Naratto really kill his sister’s meth addict boyfriend? People on Reddit went so far as to dig deep enough and then reveal that he was a 24-year-old male with ties to San Diego, born on 2/11/89, a former US Navy Fire Controlman, who used to own a snake named Kitty, among other details.

All that buzz would be enough to scare any person, whether guilty or not, and led Naratto to post the explanation seen below:

reddit murder confession

Reddit has come under fire before for defending users’ right to anonymity, yet something as simple as a meme resulted in Reddit users throwing caution to the wind and leaking somebody’s personal information.

So far there hasn’t been much followup from authorities on the issue, as someone believed to be Narrato’s sister posted a message on Gawker’s comments section that it was a dumb prank gone wrong. Joke or not, let this be a lesson: Be careful how you meme.

Via Gawker

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