The Top 20 Awesomest Magnified Images That Make You Go, “WTF?”


Science is awesome and the human eye is lame. That is until the human eye is given a microscope and the entire world explodes like taking a hit of LSD while looking through a kaleidoscope and blaring dubstep.
Check out these images pulled from Reddit of everyday objects magnified 400x, 500x, or 2000x and realize how monotonous the world we see really is.

1. Butterfly Egg

butterfly, egg, magnified, magnify

Also looks like a piece of delicious Na’vi fruit.

2. Caffeine

caffeine, magnify

It’s like a rainbow in my mouth when I have my first cup of coffee in the AM.

3. Coffee

coffee, magnify

Every tentacle is like an IV of caffeine happiness to my blood stream.

4. Caddisfly

caddisfly, magnify

Enjoy this guy’s appearance in your nightmare tonight.

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5. Cigarette Rolling Paper

cigarette, paper, magnify

This particular brand looks like it was created by Walter White. #bluemeth

6. Sugar Dissolved in Water

dissolved, sugar, water, magnify

This definitely looks like a painting by some tweeker.

7. Dust

dust, magnify

So colorful. And yet, whenever I dust, it just comes up as gray crap.

8. Fly Larva

fly, larva, magnify

I think it wants a hug.

9. Green Lacewing Larva

green, lacewing, larva

Also coming soon as a new Marvel superhero, ‘The Green Lacewing.’

10. Guitar String

guitar, string, magnify

Every rock song you’ve ever liked comes from this little corkscrew thing.

11. Hummingbird Tongue

hummingbird, tongue, magnfiy

Whoever thought it would be scientifically beneficial to have a magnified image of a hummingbird’s tongue, thank you for the terror.

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12. Iodine

iodine, magnify

Looks like the set of some Tim Burton film.

13. Sand

sand, magnify

No wonder so many kids like to put it in their mouths! It’s candy!

14. Seastar

seastar, magnify

Patrick Star seems to be missing a few appendages.

15. Snowflake

snowflake, magnify

Hello, tiny shuriken.

16. Thread in Needle Eye

thread, needled, magnify

Elliott Smith probably saw this before writing Needle in the Hay.

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17. Used Dental Floss

floss, magnify

Plaque and gingivitis never looked so cool.

18. Velcro

velcro, magnfiy

Possibly also a still from the set of Honey I Shrunk the Kids.

19. Vodka Tonic

vodka, tonic, magnify

And here is that kaleidoscope, as promised.

20. Hydrothermal Worm

hydrothermal, worm, magnify

Luckily these things live thousands of miles in the depths of the ocean, so they won’t be facehugging you anytime soon.