24 Reasons You Can’t Help But Love Mom

Mean Girls Cool Mom

It’s hard not to love Mom. Everything she does is laced with the best intentions and she’s a constant source of love and entertainment. Take a moment to appreciate all that Mom does for you.

1. She catches the ball at the game and still holds on to you.
Mom Catching Baseball at Baseball Game

2. She makes the best party hats.
Profanity on a Birthday Party Hat

When you learn how to read, you’ll enjoy that.

3. She makes the best out of a crummy situation.
Cast Drawn on to Look Like a Sneaker

4. She sends you the coolest care package when you’re at college.
Care Package from Mom

You’ll be the most popular one in the dorm.

5. She makes cool clothes for you.
Mom Made Clothing

And she has a sense of humor about the ugly couch.

6. She knows how to handle uncooperative technology.
Driving Over a Printer

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7. She’s crafty with yarn.
Bacon and Eggs Scarf

If you’re well-behaved, she’ll make a delicious-looking bacon and eggs scarf for you.

8. She’s quick to learn texting lingo.
Texting Mom

9. She bakes cookies at Christmas.
Funny Gingerbread Cookies

10. She cleans your room for you.
Mom Cleans Your Room

11. She makes sure you get your vegetables.
Vegetables in Cornbread

12. She’s so good at making puns.
Mom and Puns

13. She’s always ready with a comeback.
Facebook Comeback Mom

14. She takes part in the fun.
Mom on a Tricycle

15. She’s one step ahead of the robber.
Note from Mom

16. She’s concerned about your health.
Mom Leaves a Condom

She may not have thought this one through.

17. She’s got the coolest minivan.
Nyan Cat Painted Van

18. Her quilts are the best.
Super Mario Quilt

19. She throws awesome birthday parties.
Dog Birthday Party

Also, she misses you when you’re away at college.

20. She can almost use the camera on the phone.
Mom and Cell Phone

21. She works hard at getting the Internet right.
Emoticon Cheat Sheet

22. She picks out nice underpants for you.
Silly Underwear

23. She’s proud of you.
Graduation Card from Mom

And she won’t resort to a store-bought graduation card.

24. She’s pretty cool.
Mom Wearing a Beer Helmet

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