The 20 Awesomest Pug GIFs on the Internet

pug gifs
Pugs are the Chris Farleys of the dog world. They can’t keep their tongue in their mouth, their eyes are always bugging out and they go from chill to berzerk at the sight of a milk-bone. Just try to look at these 20 pug GIFs and not find yourself in a good mood.


Don’t expect to ever see your cat do something as cool as hopping up the stairs.

bone pugs n harmony

Bone, Pugs N Harmony keeps it real.

zach galifinakis and pug

It’s not uncommon for owners to start behaving and resembling their pugs.


Pugs require no less than 5 massages a day.

pug pees

TALENT. Somebody get this pug a movie agent!

pug swim

Pugs swim hard EVERYDAY.

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pug and mini pug

It took him an hour to realize it wasn’t a real dog.

expecting villain

Just as menacing as any James Bond villain, but his breath smells like poo.

star wars pug

Star Wars fans know that pugs are perfectly suited for the icy tundra of planet Hoth.

avenger pugs


bathroom destruction

“F**k your shampoo. You don’t tell me what to do!”

pug parties hard

Pugs and ecstasy don’t mix.


Generally, this is how I feel when signing up for a new cell phone plan.

pug licks gif

Licks for infinity.

sit down bitch

“Shut up and sit your ass down!”

pugs on stairs

Different pug, different stairs, same awesome result.

pug pees

NOTE: Pugs WILL pee on you if used for viral video purposes.


Everyone’s reaction to free pizza.

stevie wonder

Keyboard Pug pretty much nailed the Keyboard Cat impression like a champ.

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