WTF! 10 Videos of Celebs Repeatedly Doing Very Specific Things

There’s an absolutely staggering number of videos on YouTube. So many, that if you dig around enough, you can find some very weird compilations, collections of many different videos that are remixed, so to speak, to show famous people doing incredibly specific things over and over again. Some are funny, some are weird, and some just beg the question “who would do this? And what’s wrong with them?” Here they are in order of least to most WTF.

10. Robert Deniro Dropping F-Bombs.

Ok, not too surprising, but still, a fun compilation if you enjoy Deniro being really upset. I do.

9. Craig Ferguson Having Awkward Pauses on His Show.

I don’t watch the show, so I’m not sure if it’s a regular thing, but it made me feel awkward, and then made me laugh, and then awkward again.

8. Justin Bieber Failing.

I know he’s young, but come on, with that much success, and so many twitter followers, I think we have a laugh at his expense. The actual editing here is somewhat annoying (with the random deadmau5 song attached), so this may be more of a case of “who? and why?”

7. Tom Cruise Running.

Well, this is expected.

6. Ellen Degeneres Scaring Her Guests.

Peaks at her scaring the everything out of Richard Simmons.

5. Bill O’ Reilly Saying “Shut Up.”

The best part is that he claims it only happened once. Classic Bill!

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4. Woody Allen Stuttering and Stammering

I love Woody Allen so much, this is actually cute to me. I know he’s kind of a love/hate dude, so I’m sure if you hate him this will just prove how much of an annoying neurotic he is.

3. Quentin Tarantino Laughing at his Own Jokes

Almost as big of a Tarantino fan as I am an Allen fan, but he just can’t seem to hold his own yucks in on his otherwise not bad sense of humor.

2. Bill Clinton Jogging

So boring, so bizarre, so Bill. Also, a serial killer clearly made this.

1. Glenn Beck Crying

I have to give him credit for being in touch with his emotions, but I’m just shocked at how much crying he’s done on air. Wow. Lots of tears.

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