4th of July Food Madness: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

4th of july dog

Historically the biggest day for BBQ’s, the USA’s 4th of July celebrations are unrivaled in terms of quantity and excess. Although it wasn’t actually established as a holiday until 1941, the 4th of July has become a symbol of American independence, freedom, and all things grilled and beer flavored.

Here’s five fast facts about just how far we go in 4th of July celebrations

1. BBQ

4th of july facts

The premiere grilled foods during the 4th of July are hot dogs and chicken. During the holiday season, we eat around 150 million hot dogs and 750 million pounds of chicken, meaning that there’s well over a 1 in 4 chance that you’ll be consuming these grilled foods. To give you an idea of what that means, that’s enough hot dogs to That is enough hot dogs to stretch from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C. Chances are, you’ll likely be overeating at a BBQ as well, as 74 million Americans reported attending a barbecue last 4th of July. Although with all the food you’ll likely be consuming, you should probably leave room for..

2. Beer

4th of july facts

Beer is not exactly a commodity in the good ‘ol U, S of A. We already consume over 6.7 billion US gallons a year, and on the 4th, over 23 million cases are sold. According to the Nielsen Company, that accounts for over 5% of the national annual beer consumption. If that wasn’t enough to fill you’re stomach with, there’s always…

3. Sides

4th of july food facts

No one eats just hot dogs, chicken and beer at a BBQ. There’s definitely substance there, but certainty not enough to even qualify as a balanced meal. Enter, beans, corn, potato chips and potato salad. Not the best choices from a health perspective, but choices nevertheless. About one third of people reported eating baked beans at their 4th of July BBQ’s, while about half consumed potato salad, potato chips and/or corn. But you still need to leave room for the dessert section..

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4. Dessert

4th of july food facts

At any good BBQ, there’s going to be dessert. Whether it’s strawberrys, blueberrys, and whip cream (to make an American flag, how clever), or cupcakes and ice cream, you’re going to consume a lot of heavy food to go along with your hot dogs, chicken, beer, and potato salad. While it hasn’t gone reported exactly how much dessert in consumed around the 4th of July, chances are, you’ll be eating dessert along with your grilled food and beer. With your belly full of food and your brain full of alcohol and poor decision making, it’s important to be wary about…

5. Accidents

4th of july food facts

If there’s one thing you should probably do on 4th of July, it’s be careful. More so than any other day of the year, 4th of July is the most fatal day of the year, beating out even New Years. According to Fox, nearly 41 percent of July 4th traffic fatalities are alcohol-related, compared to 31 percent on an average day. Additionally, the average of deaths is 491, which is the highest on the list. Labor Day ranks second, but not by much. Still, it’s a good idea to watch your driving, as all the beer, hot dogs, chicken, sides and dessert you can eat is totally worth it, as long as you’re not behind the wheel.