Pope Now Offering Up Forgivness of Sins Via Twitter

Good news for all you Catholics out there reveling in your sinful ways, the Pope is now offering up his services via Twitter. Pope Francis will offer forgiveness to Catholics who follow services on World Youth Day – all it requires is a tweet.

Just last year Pope Benediect XVI launched a Twitter account and now his successor is picking up where he left off, offering plenary indulgences to his followers on radio, tv and the internet. Plenary indulgences offer a full pardon of the temporal punishment (a punishment due to be suffered either in this life or the afterlif) for sins that have been forgiven in confession. So yes, tweeting may get you some time out of purgatory.



Pope Francis will be in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for World Youth Day, which is expected to attract over 2 million people, many being young Catholics eager to see the Pope. The World Youth Day festival will be held July 23 to 28 with the Pope greeting his followers on Copacabana beach July 25th.

You might be able to tweet at the Pope, just don’t expect to get a one-on-one confession with him, he’ll be guarded by 600 military personnel.

Via Daily Mail