Video Explains That Giving is Actually Better Than Receiving

Giving VS. ReceivingIs giving really better than receiving? Support us for more videos like this: Subscribe for more videos! Facebook: Song – Vibracion:

It seems obvious that the easiest way to make yourself happy is to buy yourself a nice little something, but what this video explains is something quite different. In fact, your own pleasure and self might best be served by doing just the opposite: buying someone else something.

The video explains that regardless of class, wealth, and even nation of origin, people find giving gifts to be more pleasurable and memorable. Wow, so not only are you getting more good-feels upfront, you get to enjoy them for a long time period too. Fascinating.

Check out more videos by the author, NIL, here. They have some awesomely interesting videos including “The Sun is White Not Yellow,” and ““How Deja Vu Works.”’s Popular Social Posts
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